Strategy arcade game involving skillful control of your spacecraft through
five screens, then jump climb and manoeuvre your way through the other 10.

The Aim of the Game

The epitaph inscribed on poor Jason's tomb,
Does not speak of his eventful life,
But of his careless doom,

'On embarking on his mission he was given chances four, but the gem was
undisturbed, (For he needed somewhat morer!)'

How sad a tale of failure for one so close to glory,
But you could yet rewrite the history of this story ...

Guide Jason, in his spaceship, onto the teleport platform. Once you have
landed successfully you will gain bonus points because you will
automatically pick up the cargo aboard the platform.

You must then shoot your way through the five caves that lead to the lower
platform where you must again land safety. Once you land you will be able to
carry on from here on foot and search through the many caverns ahead for
your lost gem.

1. Keyboard: Z - Left: X - Right
2. Kempston Joystick.
3. Protek Joystick.
4. Interface 2.
Hint - avoid frustration, keep left at Exit of first cave.

Type LOAD "" (press ENTER.)

The program code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of
Mastertronic and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any
form whatsoever without the written permission of Mastertronic. All rights

Written by Simon White
(C)Mastertronic Limited 1985
Made In Great Britain
Design & Artwork: Words & Pictures Ltd., London.

(Transcribed by Robin Stuart)