Arcade strategy

Keyboard, Kempston
Joystick controls are recommended for this game!

KEYS : Rotate left - CAPS LOCK
Rotate right - Z
Forwards - X
Backwards - C
Fire - V
Use Polycrete (TM) - P

The eponymous Panzadrome is an island inhabited solely by robot
tanks of varying viciousness. You have been given the task of
destroying all the robots on the Panzadrome...

Each robot tank is remotely controlled from a central computer,
from which it gets its power. Plasma vents are a central part of
the power grid, and they have to be destroyed in order to knock
out both the computer and tanks. The computer is well aware of
this weakness, though, and wherever you find a vent there is also
a strong guardian force as well. Apart from the tanks you also
have to cope with heavily armed fun emplacements which fire on
any intruders.

Due to budget restrictions, you have been given a very
sub-standard tank with a one-shot turret and stone wheels!
Fortunately, factory depots are scattered around the island, each
specialising in a different type of tank component. You can visit
these factories and collect whatever system a factory makes.

Though the robot part stores are unaware that you are an
intruder, the computer's tanks will recognise you immediately and
try to destroy you. Three weapons systems are available to you,
although at the start you only have the worst - a on-shot turret.
The others are mortars and mines, both of which must be collected
from the appropriate factory.

A Polycrete (TM) module is almost vital to have. Although you can
avoid the enemy tank fire if you are quick enough, their (and
your) exploding shells leave impassable craters in the ground.
This means that it can be quite easy to get stuck between a pair
of impassable craters. The solution is to use Polycrete (TM) -
press P to squirt it into the crater to fill the hole.

The Panzadrome itself is a 64-screen island, each screen flicking
to the next when the edge boundary is reached. A scanner helps
you navigate by highlighting the screen you are currently on. A
short-range scanner is also shown, displaying the tanks (which
you can see) and the mines (which you can't). As well as this,
the status screen shows the state of repair of any equipment you
may have; if something is too badly damaged you will lose it. You
only have one life, and if your shields run out a direct hit on
your tank will destroy it. Status bars depict shield level and
other counters show the amount of ammunition.

"A very good idea that is let down a bit by the execution." 77%
(CRASH #24, January 1986)