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There'll be no siesta for Pedro, he's the busiest gardener South of the
After many years of hard work and loving care Pedro now has the most
beautiful flower garden in Old Mexico. The trouble is all the animals for
miles around have acquired a taste for Pedro's succulent blooms and are
always looking for ways to break into his garden to eat them.
From dawn till dusk as Pedro slaves away, the animals never give him a
moments peace. He tries everything to stop them getting to his prize blooms,
from blocking the garden paths with compost and bricks, to chasing them away
and even jumping on them; but even so, some still manage to get through.
Everytime an animal gets into the garden and eats his flowers Perdo has to
plant more seeds, it's problem after problem, and if things aren't bad
enough the village tramp keeps sneaking in to try and steal Pedro's seeds,
so he has to be chased off as well.
What with marauding animals and thieving tramps it doesn't look as if you're
going to get much of a siesta either.
So look lively, you can't put things off till manana.

To stop the animals from eating his plants Pedro must collect bricks or
compost from the bottom corners of the screen and block the maze exits.
He may not carry or place more than one object at a time.
Any animals getting into the garden will make for the plants and start
eating them. You must decide on whether to block up the maze or stamp out
the animals, then you must re-seed the gaps in the garden, at every possible

ANIMALS: Appear on the screen at frequent intervals, they make their way
through the maze at the top of the screen and then home in on the flower
beds, where they consume plants. As the end of the game is the demise of all
the plants in the garden it is most important that you protect and replace
the plants, by planting seeds.

TRAMP: He appears on the screen at random intervals. He enters the garden
from the side and immediately homes in on the seed box. You must run
toward him and frighten him away, otherwise he will steal all your remaining

Pedro Play Notes:
At the end of each level a bonus is calculated on the number of plants
At the start of the next level the number of seeds in the box will be
increased by one seed for every plant left, up to the original number of
seeds you started with.
To get to the next level destroy all the animals or try and wait for the
timer to reach zero.

Connect your cassette recorder to the computer ensuring that a lead goes from
the ear socket on the recorder to ear socket on the SPECTRUM and that the
MIC socket is not connected.
If you are not sure of the connections please refer to your user manual.
To load the game type the following: LOAD"". Then press the enter key. The
word LOAD is obtained by depressing the J key and the quotes by depressing
the SYMBOL SHIFT and P keys simultaneously. Please note there is no space
between the quotes. Now press play on your cassette recorder.
If loading is successful a flashing message will appear on the screen after
several seconds. The process is then totally automatic from then on.
If loading was unsuccessful then switch your machine off and begin again.

The play keys have been laid out in a way so as to offer the player a wide
variety of combinations of keys to make the play as comfortable as possible.

MOVE LEFT: The keys to move left are on the bottom row, beginning with
SHIFT, then every alternative key from then on i.e. SHIFT, X, V,
N, etc.
MOVE RIGHT: The remaining keys on the bottom row enable you to move right
i.e. Z, C, B, M etc.
MOVE DOWN: Any of the keys on the second row up may be used to move
downwards, i.e. A, S, D, F, G, etc.
MOVE UP: Any of the keys on the third row up may be used to move upwards,
i.e. Q, W, E, R, T, etc.
JUMP/PICK & PUT: Any key on the top row or the space bar will enable you to
jump on the invading creatures, also if you are standing
close to either the compost heap, pile of bricks or the
seedbox depressing any of the top row or space bar will
enable you to pick up one of the items.
If you pick up either a brick or a compost and wish to
block one of the maze exits, take what you are carrying
to the exit of your choice then press any key on the top
row, your brick or compost will then be put down.
If you pick up a seed, take it to an appropriate gap in
your flower bed and press any key on the top row, your seed
will then be planted and a flower will 'grow' to replace
one that has been eaten.

PROGRAM by Frank Johnson.
GRAPHICS by Ally Noble & Dawn Jones.
MUSIC by Fred Gray & Abdul Ibrahim.
PHOTOGRAPHY by Bernard Rose.
COFFEE MADE by Lynn Livingstone.

Frank Johnson:
Frank Johnson was born in Warrington in 1956, and in 1960 moved with brother,
sister and parents to Runcorn.
After leaving St. Francis Xaviers College in 1973 Frank went on to work
in a saw mill where he stayed for seven years.
It was during this time that home computers first started to become popular,
and Frank soon found himself becoming more and more interested in computer
In 1981 the Tandy Model 1 arrived in Britain and Frank became one of the
first people in this country to own one; from that moment on he was hooked.
Very soon Frank was enjoying huge success selling his highly addictive
programes to various software houses, and it was not long before he
attracted the attention of Imagine, who, realising his vast potential
snapped him up as a full time writer.
Outside of computers, Frank's main interests are collecting coins and,
via his TV set is an avid armchair sportsman.
Pedro for the Spectrum is his first major project of Imagine.

Company Profile:
Based in the very heart of Merseyside, Imagine are the largest, most
successful games computer software company in the world.
Success in any field requires determination, dedication and commitment; the
three reasons why Imagine constantly lead the field.
Everyone working in 'Imagine House', the four storey headquaters in
Liverpool's city centre, and at the massive programming, graphic artwork and
music complex on the third floor of 'Tithebarn House' is a highly skilled
professional; totally committed to the company and its products.
From the initial conception to the completed article Imagine's products pass
through the hands of the most professional and creative team ever assembled.
It is only when the whole package has been thouroughly researced and honed
to perfection that Imagine will allow you to have it.

Imagine Software Limited
5 Sir Thomas Street
Liverpool, Merseyside L1 6BW
Made in England.

PEDRO (C) 1984 by Creative Technology Group Ltd. All rights of the author
and owner reserved worldwide.

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