Pictionary - Game objective
The object is to identify, through clues sketched on the computer screen, as
many words as necessary to advance to the finish square and correctly identify
the final word. Sketches may NOT include letters, numbers or the "#" symbol.
There are 5 categories:

P: Person/Place/Animal (or related characteristics)
O: Object (objects that can be touched or seen)
A: Action (actions or events that can be performed)
D: Difficult (challenging words)
AP: All Play (this can be any type of word)

NB. Some words selected will be All Play despite being in another category. See
All Play section for details.

One to four teams may participate in the game. Each team is given a counter
which marks their position on the board, There are two ways of playing
Pictionary: either the computer draws the picture and the players guess the
word, or a member of each team (the Picturist) draws the picture for his/her
team mates to identify.
There must be at least two players on each team to play this way and team mates
must take turns to be Picturist.

The Picturist must look at his/her Word Card to find the word for a particular
topic from the grid reference (Cell) supplied by the computer. For example, the
word under Object reference G3 is Propeller

While the word is being drawn players on the Picturist's team may interrupt the
drawing to guess the word for a time bonus. The word must be guessed correctly
in the time allowed or play moves to the next team.

If the word is guessed correctly, the die will be rolled and that team's counter
is advanced round the board. They then take another turn to guess a new word.
How precise an answer is must be decided by the players at the start of the
game. You do not have to type in the answers as the computer will ask if you got
it right, allowing you to use your own judgement (but no cheating!!).

All Play
If a word is designated All Play, the picture is drawn as usual, but any team
can answer by interrupting the drawing. Play passes to the team who guesses the
word correctly.

To Win
The final square is designated an All Play square, but the team that lands on it
can only win the game by guessing the All Play word on their turn of play.

Playing Pictionary - The Computer Game
When Pictionary first loads in, the computer instructs you to press a key - the
screen then shows the Pictionary board. The default setting for the game is one
player with the computer taking the role of Picturist. The counters in play are
placed on the first square of the board.
Using mouse, joystick or keys (mouse and joystick only available on certain
versions) you can move the pointer to the "Next Word" box at the top right-hand
comer of the screen. The grid reference of the next word will then appear on
In the top left-hand comer of the screen is the die which is rolled by the
computer. At the bottom of the screen is an hourglass and 'Art' - your guide in
the game. He will tell you what is happening and how you are doing.

At the top of the screen is a menu bar split into four categories:

Game: Selects type of game and number of players.
Level: Selects amount of time given to guess a word.
Draw: Allows you to practice drawing, turn sound on or off or load another
question block from tape or disk.
Help: Shows the help screen, score charts or allows you to clear the scores.
All menu options have a letter in their word highlighted (i.e. eXit). By
pressing the key corresponding to that letter, (the 'Short Letter Code'), you
can select that menu option without moving the pointer. Options within menus and
drawing functions have the Short Letter Code beside them.

Drawing a picture
When playing with 2, 3 or 4 teams, one player on each team must draw the picture
of the word given. To do this, you are given a blank canvas with many options to
help you sketch that word. If you are not using a mouse, you will be told which
keys correspond to Left and Right mouse buttons.

The options with their Shon Letter Codes are as follows:

L: Straight line.
K: Draws straight line from the end of the last line you drew.
P: Freehand draw - Left button to start drawing, Right button to stop.
B: Draws a box the size of your choice.
E: Draws a circle or ellipse the size of your choice.
C: Draws a curve - Select start and end points with Left button and pull the
line into a curve using the pointer
F: Fills a designated area with the current Fill panern
T: Like curve - it joins the three points with straight lines to form a
A: All Clear - clears the screen - USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION!!
I: Ink - selects ink colour (black and white only on cenain versions)
0-7: Different Fill Patterns

The lines on the right of the canvas are different types of line - thin, thick,
dashed or solid.