(Alternative Software)

Type LOAD"" then press ENTER key.

Postman Pat now comes to your computer screen in this highly enter-
taining and colourful arcade game. The game has an easy version
suitable for younger children and a hard version for the serious
gamer, this option chosen from a menu when the game has loaded.


It seemed just another day to Pat as he climbed out of bed. Little did
he know that he would be rushed off his feet by all the work that
faced him this morning as he did his round of Greendale. Parcels,
letters and all sorts of odd jobs would keep him very busy. You can
help Pat and Jess to get the job done by guiding his van around the

You start the game by finding the Post Office where Mrs. Goggins will
tell Pat what he must deliver. It will be either a number of letters
or a parcel for one of Pat's friends. You can drive around the village
(and can reverse if you need to turn around) in order to find your
friend's house and deliver the parcel. Letters are delivered to the
houses which flash as you pass them. To deliver a letter just press
the Fire button as you pass the house. If you miss you have to get Pat
out of the van using the Fire button and guide him to pick up the
letter and then try again.

If Peter Foggs' sheep get loose you can help him by herding the sheep
back through the gate (you must find them yourself!).

Watch out for oil slicks on the road and try not to knock over Miss
Hubbard who is very unsafe on her wobbly bike.

Because Pat is such a busy chap you have only got a short time to
complete all your tasks. If you run out of time the game is over.

Default keys

N - Up [This doesn't seem likely; it's probably 'Q'. JimG]
A - Down
O - Left
P - Right
Space - Fire
K - Abort Game

You can select Joystick or Keys from the main menu for Amstrad and
Spectrum versions.

(c) Alternative Software Limited 1989
Copyright Woodlands Animation Ltd. 1988
Licensed by BBC Enterprises Ltd.