Prince Of Persia TAP File - Converting To A Real Cassette.


If you convert this TAP to a real tape deck then press space before the
scroller finishes in the intro, and don't use passwords. Otherwise just use
the TAP on an emulator with no problems.


As you may or may not know, this was originally a disk only game for the
TR-DOS disk drive system, as a result it isn't particularly well designed
for running on a real cassette, but I have tried to make it reasonable...

1. Some files are held multiple times on the TAP file.
So you don't have to rewind.

2. The original Phantasy 'cracked by' intro has been removed.
This is to save loading time (and I couldn't get it to restart).

This will work on a real cassette but with the following problems:

1. The demo. This appears if you let the scroller at the end of the intro
finish, it will then load the demo. This appears directly after the intro,
so is no problem in it's own right, but it tries to load the intro again
after the demo is finished (not very long), so you will have to rewind the
tape almost back to the start at that point.
Another problem : if you press space to skip the intro then there will be a
gap where nothing seems to be loading (it is going past the demo) so you will
have to wait quite a while for the password/play bit to appear.
My recommendation is to wait.... And take a note of the tape counter after
the bit where it doesn't want to load anything.

2. The passwords. This lets you start on different levels, but this
sometimes want files loaded in a different order which will have you stumped.
So play it without passwords....

3. No tape messages. It doesn't tell you when to rewind, fast forward or
anything like that.

You don't like these problems? Then wait for the Plus D version.

The original TR-DOS disk was cracked and trained by "Phantasy" (a group),
and credit for the following goes to them:

Hold down PHT during play to skip a level. (Although THP is more sensible).