Robbie the robot sits in his garden, fetching the old bag of compost to help
his prize Thyrgodian Megga Chrisanthodil grow. Then suddenly the whole garden
is invaded by the most devilish, destructive insects you could imagine.
But Robbie is prepared!

Equipped with three spray cans of the latest insect repellent, smoke and
streamers, Robbie fights to keep the deadly garden pests at bay.

All he has to do is figure out which spray kills each insect outright, as the
wrong spray will only stun them momentarily. If Robbie leaves his plant
unattended the insects will swarm all over it, eat the leaves and the plant
will wilt and die.

Growing Instructions

Plant the seeds in good soil. Growth can be speeded up by collecting all
compost bags, keeping young shoots free from all garden pests and by looking
after the leaves, which collect sunlight. Remember, the more leaves the plant
has, the faster it will grow. As the young shoots give off an exotic aroma, the
plant is especially attractive to hoards of Interstellar Space Slugs, Scuttling
Leeches and Menacing Midges. Use of correct repellants will prevent all of
these attacks.

Please note: only approximately 20% of all plants will blossom and reveal
Robbie's ultimate dream. Growing time approximately 2 to 5 minutes.

PSSST Loading Instructions

1. Connect the EAR socket on your Spectrum to the EAR socket on your recorder
and ensure the MIC lead is disconnected.
2. Place the cassette tape in the recorder with the labelled side uppermost and
rewind to the beginning.
3. Type either LOAD "PSSST" or LOAD "" and then press the ENTER key.
Note: Do not leave a space between the quotation marks.
LOAD is obtained by pressing the J key.
The " are obtained by pressing the SYMBOL SHIFT and P keys together.
4. Press PLAY on the cassette recorder.
5. PSSST will now load automatically and a message will appear on the screen
after several seconds. If loading is unsuccessful, rewind the cassette,
adjust the VOLUME control on the recorder and try again.
NOTE: Full loading instructions can be found in your Spectrum manual.
For better sound effects you can increase the volume by connecting the MIC
socket on your recorder to the MIC socket on your Spectrum. Disconnect the
EAR lead, remove the cassette tape from the recorder and press the PLAY
button, the sound may be amplified through the loudspeaker of the recorder.

Controlling your Robot

Your Robot is fully controllable using the keyboard.
Keyboard controls:

LEFT: Q key
RIGHT: W key
UP: E key
DOWN: R key
PAUSE the game by using the CAPS SHIFT key.

Score Line

The score line displays: One player and two player scores.
One player and two player lives left.
Highest score obtained.

Sinclair, ZX Spectrum are Registered Trade Marks of Sinclair Research Ltd.
(c) Copyright 1982 Ashby Computers & Graphics Ltd.
All rights reserved.
No part of this program, packaging or documentation may be reproduced in any
form. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending or sale and repurchase prohibited.

Published by: Sinclair Research Ltd,
25 Willis Road,
Cambridge, CB1 2AQ.

Made in UK.