c 1983 1984 ACTIVISION 1NC


You are a fighter pilot with an important but deadly mission: You must destroy a number of vital enemy bridge links that are well defended by helicopter gun-ships deadly land tanks ships and observation balloons. You must fly down the river valley and destroy the bridges at every opportunity.


1. Connect a suitable cassette player to your Spectrum according to the User Manual. THEN FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS 3, 4 AND 5 BELOW. SPECTRUM 48/128 and PLUS 2 OWNERS

2. Put the 48/128 and Plus 2 systems into 48K mode.

3. Place the rewound cassette into the cassette player.

4 Type LOAD "" on your Spectrum and press ENTER.

5. Press PLAY on the cassette player NOTE: Full loading instructions can be found

in your Spectrum Manual


KEYBOARD OR JOYSTICK CONTROLS' Left(O)= Left Right(P)= Right Up(2)=Faster

Down(W) = Slower Fire(Any letter on the bottom row)= Fire

Press CAPS SHIFT and ENTER to select Game Type. There are a variety of levels with either 1 player and high score f ormat or a 2 player game. For 2 players a second joystick must be attached to port 2 (or switch ports each turn). A bonus jet is awarded for every 10,000 points scored

Manoeuvre your way down the meandering river valley, avoiding the cliffs on either side and destroying the enemy ships, balloons, helicopters and tanks as you go. Keep an eye on your f uel gauge and col lect more f uel by passing over the FU EL dumps. These are the only items in the game that you are permitted to come in contact with. You can score points by destroying enemy craft and fuel dumps, and extra points are awarded if a bridge is destroyed whilst a tank is crossing it. Chocks away and good luck!