SIR FRED (Mikro-Gen)


To load type LOAD "SIR FRED" ENTER or LOAD "" ENTER.
If you have any difficulty refer to Chapter 20 of your Spectrum manual.

The Princess is imprisoned in any of seven rooms and whilst
you can see her, you will have to solve the whole adventure to
rescue her. Each time you start the game, the Computer selects
one of 58 game patterns. You have to discover the right way to
solve the adventure according to the way the objects are
distributed on screen.

Upon loading you will see a menu screen on which are several options.

If you are using the keyboard the controls are:
Q - Up, A - Down, O - Left, P -Right, Z - Select, M - Use.
Selecting the joystick option you still have to use a key for SELECT.
To USE an object, press the fire button.

If you wish to define your own keys, you select option 3, and
need to define six keys: up, down, left, right, select and use.

To pause the game press Break-Space. Press again to restart.
To abort the game press Caps Shift and 1 together.

The first four keys are self explanatory. Sir Fred is able to pick
up objects as he travels around, to a maximum of four. To obtain
them you must move over the object and press the select key. The
item you were carrying will be exchanged. Once collected these
objects are shown on the bottom right of the screen and the select
key then moves either a yellow or red box over each item. When
you have chosen your object you can operate the use key to use
that item. Some objects may be used only once, some nine times
and others may only be used in certain places. Certain objects can
be used as many times as you wish.

Movements of Sir Fred
Sir Fred's movements are made to be as near lifelike as possible.
He has inertia, which means that if he runs too fast he may fall
down stairs or run into a wall. His power will reduce each time
this happens. By pressing the down key when he is running, Sir Fred
will duck, and the up key will make him jump when running. If he
ducks at the same time, he'll jump much higher. Again, if he falls
from a height he will lose power according to the height he falls from.

To catch a rope Sir Fred must jump towards it, and the up and
down keys move him up and down the rope. To swing on a rope
you must press the left and right keys to move to the opposite side
of the rope to increase the swing. To leave the rope, press either
of the keys twice.

Sir Fred will have to swim, and to do this you have to press
either the right or left keys (depending on which way he's
swimming) to thrust, and then release it. To swim up or down,
keep the up or down keys pressed at the same time. Sir Fred will
float to the surface if he is not controlled, as any person would.
To get out of the water just approach a bank and press the up key.

Sir Fred, master swordsman, will come across various opponents
whom he can only get past by killing with a sword or other
weapons. When using the sword the up and down controls move
the sword up and down through three positions and the left and
right will attack or defend. When Sir Fred comes against an
opponent the first one to move will take the initiative. The
opponent must then place his sword in the same position or the
first swordsman can attack. The more skillful the player, the
shorter the reaction time allowed. There are seven skill levels,
which the computer automatically selects. Sir Fred has to hurt
his opponent three times to kill him, unless his opponent is
trapped in a corner and cannot move backwards. In this case only
one hit is needed.

Sir Fred can also use the bow and arrows which he has collected.
Once selected, press the use key to change the arrow through four
different positions.

If you want to throw a stone which you have collected, select it,
then press the use key. The strength with which you throw depends
on how long you hold down the key. The stone is thrown when you
release the use key.


Clues for Sir Fred will be given on MIKRO-GEN's Help Line
Tel: 0344 485339