========================== [Front] ==========================


Patrol craft latest in a series of A.T.M.B. (ALL
TERRAIN MOON BUGGY) out on routine patrol is
heavily attacked by fighters operating from a star-
cruiser. You must skillfully manoeuvre your
A.T.M.B. over the lunar rocks, across the craters
and destroy the alien attackers.

This all machine code program provides thrilling
experience of driving across constantly changing
landscape combined with fast and furious
arcade action. Enourmous fun for the whole

To load the game, type "LOAD" and press

Instructions See Reverse

========================== [Reverse] ==========================


As sector commander of the moon base
defences, you are on routine patrol duty. Your
patrol craft, a highly manoeuverable A.T.M.B.
accelerating and de-celerating rapidy. It can also
jump over the moon rocks and across the craters.

The craft is fitted with high speed laser missiles.
The moon base outer defences have been
penetrated by the alien attack forces operating
from the huge star cruiser stationed just beyond
the horizon. There are three types of attack used
by the alien forces:

1. Low Level Aerial Attack.
The high speed fighters drop their photon
bombs which will destroy your craft on impact.
The bombs also sometimes create an extra crater
for you to jump over. You may need an extra spurt
of speed to jump over big craters.

2. Surface Attack.
Alien tanks mount surface attack with laser
bolts. You must either jump over them or die

3. Alien task force also lay mines in your path.
These mines must be jumped or they will destroy
the craft.

Control: Keyboard - cursor keys. Press 0 to fire.
Joystick: Kempston Joystick or Sinclair Joystick.
You can select joystick options at the start of

Craft Control - Joystick
Move Joystick Up - To Jump
Move Joystick Right - To Accelerate
Move Joystick Left - To De-celerate

The faster you travel the further you jump.

Each Second You Survive - 50 points
Destroy Rock - 100 points
Destroy Tank - 1000 points
Destroy Alien Craft - 1000 points
Reach Base 6000 points bonus
Each lift left when you reach base, 1000 points.
Bonus Life Every 10,000 points.

This is a Hi-Scoring game, you have five lives to
before arriving at the base.

No 007116