Spy Hunter(TM)
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Bally Midway Spy Hunter(TM) - Official Arcade Game - Spectrum 48K
You are a world class spy driving for your life in your ultra-equipped
turbo-charged spy mobile. The road is crawling with Enemy Agents bent on
your destruction. They'll stop at nothing...so neither can you!
Manoeuvre your car with all the speed and skill you can, always watching
for the Road Lord, the Switch Blade, the Enforcer and other Enemy Agents
as they try to stop you cold on land and water. You must destroy them before
they destroy you!

Position the cassette in your tape recorder with the printed side upwards
and make sure that it is rewound to the beginning. Ensure that the connection
lead goes from the EAR socket on the recorder to the EAR socket on the
Spectrum and that the MIC socket is disconnected.
Type LOAD "" <ENTER> (Note there is no space between the two quotes) the "
is obtained by pressing SYMBOL SHIFT and the P keys simultaneously. For
further instructions consult the section on loading in your manual.
Now press PLAY on the recorder. The screen message should appear and the game
will load automatically. If this does not happen try adjusting the volume and
tone controls until loading takes place.

Using Your Controls
Keyboard Control
User defined - see main menu.

Joystick Control
Compatible with a variety of joystick interfaces. Without use of FIRE button,
joystick movements are:
UP: Forward, up the screen, accelerating to maximum speed.
LEFT and RIGHT: Moves vehicle to left and right.
DOWN: Down the screen, decelerating until car stops.

FIRE button initiates weapons systems selection. The joystick movements below
select and discharge particular weapons, if collected, but do not control
vehicle direction or speed until FIRE button is released.

UP/DOWN [ Machine gun, or Rocket if it has been collected and
UP/DOWN LEFT [ helicopter is in close proximity of Spy Hunter car.
MIDDLE: Waits for weapons choice
LEFT: Oil Slick
RIGHT: Smoke Screen

How To Play
Screen And Gameplay
Your Spy Hunter adventure game starts as the Weapons Van rolls up from the
bottom of the screen and pulls over to the shoulder of the road. The van
stops and your Spy Car rolls out of the back, armed with machine guns. You
then manoeuvre your car onto the road as the action begins.
The road will branch and fork as you go. You must be careful as you dodge
and chase enemy agents not to swerve off the road. If you do, you'll lose one
of your Spy Cars. When you lose a Spy Car and you still have Spy Cars in
reserve, a Weapons Van appears from the bottom of the screen and pulls over
to the road shoulder to let the new Spy Car roll out of the back onto the
road for more action. If you have no remaining Spy Cars, the game is over.
The terrain will change as you traverse the course. Screen backgrounds will
change colour as indication of a new terrain. As the course continues, you'll
come to a waterway. Here your Spy Car enters a boathouse and automatically
becomes amphibious and skims along the surface of the water. Don't think
you're safe. The water is teeming with other Enemy Agents.
There is also a stretch of bridges and a stretch of Icy Road in other

A Weapons Van appears on the road, ready to supply your Spy Car with the
appropriate new weapon. To gain access to the new weapons, you must "dock"
with the Weapons Van. To do this, allow the Van to pass you, then get
behind it and drive up into it. The Van will automatically let the Spy Car
roll out once the weapons have been transferred.
The weapons you have available to you at any given time are displayed at the
bottom right of the screen.
You can also use your Spy Car to destroy some enemy agents by ramming them
off the road for points.

Enemy Agents
The Spy Car faces various Enemy Agents along the course. Each Enemy Agent,
except the Road Lord, has its own uniquie weaponry. They are:
The Road Lord (bulletproof): Must be rammed off the road by Spy Car
Switch Blade: Extended buzz-saw hubcaps to slach cars
Barrel Dumper: Dumps barrels in water ahead of Spy Boat
The Enforcer: Fires a shotgun
The Copter (Mad Bomber) Drops bombs onto Spy Car.
Doctor Torpedo: Fires torpedoes at Spy Boat
Running off the road, or running into a screen boundry, at any time will also
cost you a Spy Car.

You will lose points if you destroy any of the innocent civilian vehicles.
The player's score is displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen.
Current High Score is displayed on the menu screen. Here's how the score adds
Travelling on the water.........15 points for every 1/4 of screen
Travelling on the road..........25 points for every 1/4 of screen
If you destroy:
The Road Lord..........................................150 points
Switch Blade...........................................150 points
The Enforcer...........................................500 points
The Copter (Mad Bomber)................................700 points
Barrel Dumper..........................................150 points
Doctor Torpedo.........................................500 points
Each time you enter or exit the boathouse, as you move from land to water and
back again, you earn 1500 points.

SEGA is manufactired and distributed in the U.K. by U.S. GOLD LTD., Unit 10,
The Parkway Industrial Centre, Birmingham B7 4LY.
SPY HUNTER is a trademark of Bally Midway Mfg. Co.