SPY VS SPY III - Arctic Antics
(C)1986 by First Star Software Inc.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate and
launch a subterranean intergalactic rocket before this years
worst Arctic blizzard hits.

In order to launch the rocket, you must be in possession of all
of the following:

* Rocket Entry Punch Card,
* Guidance Gyroscope, and
* Uranium Fuel Capsule.

Unless you are carrying the launch briefcase, you will only be
able to carry one item at a time.

Your opponent has the same mission. To aid you in the mission,
you have been provided with the all-in-one, multi-purpose Arctic

This handy little gadget is complete with a computer generated
mapping system and a few items for building nasty little traps
for your opponent.

Your opposite number also has a trapulator.

When the game has started, you will be presented with a number
of options that you may alter. These are:

* Number of players (1 or 2),
* Difficulty level,
* Computer player intelligence,
* Rocket launch site revealed or hidden until the end.

Use the joystick and fire button to pick your
options. Select "GO" when you have the desired options.

Joystick only. Picture the screen as a three dimensional area
where you can go Left and Right or In and Out of the screen.
Moving the figure left and right is achieved by moving the
joystick left and right. When the figure reaches the extreme
left or right, the screen will scroll in that direction.
Moving the figure in and out of the screen is achieved by
moving the joystick up or down.

Along the background and foreground areas are gaps. These are
passageways where you may go to other parts of the Arctic.

Pressing Fire whilst in range of any object or mound of snow
will lift the object. Items may be hidden by the snow mounds
and these may be found if you are lucky. If you are not, you
may find your opponent has placed a booby trap there, blowing
you to smithereens...

The trapulator allows you to store and use various items and
tools for completing the mission.

Underneath each player's screen are a number of icons. These
represent the items that you will need in your mission. Above
the icons are indicators that tell you whether you have at
least one of that item.

If you find an item, you may pick it up by standing over it and
pressing Fire. Pressing Fire again will store it in the

There are a number of hazards around the Arctic. These are:

This will hit you full force when the clock reaches zero. As the
blizzard gets closer, you will find it more difficult to move

Thin Ice:
Shown as dark patches in the snow. Unwary spies can fall in this.
Get out by moving in a circular manner.

Spies cannot swim so don't stay in the water too long.

Deep Snow:
Some areas have deeper than normal snow. If you don't use snow
shoes in these areas your body temperature will lower rapidly.

Hanging Icicles:
While not normally dangerous, these may be booby trapped by the
other spy.

In the previous Spy vs Spy games, combat was with swords.
However, as you are in the Arctic, the quickest way to lower
your opponents body temperature is with a good old snowball

The spies may throw snowballs only when both spies are in the
same quadrant. To throw snowballs, you must:

1. Stand in snow (Not Ice).
2. Place your spy facing the direction you wish to throw and
ensure you are not standing over any objects.
3. Hold Fire down and move in the direction of the throw.
4. Repeat step 3 if you wish to throw another.

You may select any of these traps, providing you have them in
your inventory:

Saw, Ice Pick, Hammer, Dynamite and Water Bucket.

To place a trap, simply press Fire twice, use up and down to
select the trap, then press Fire to hold the trap. Position your
spy where you wish to place the trap, hold down Fire and pull
the joystick forward. The trap will disappear. Once set, either
spy may set a trap off.


By selecting the saw, your spy may cut ahole in the ice. Both
spies must then avoid that spot.

Use the ice pick to chip away at a hanging icicle. It will then
fall on the next player to go underneath it.

Spilling water on the ice will cause slippery spots that are
sure to get in your opponents way.

Use this to blow your opponent up. The sticks of TNT are limited
but they may be used by any spy. The TNT may be buried in the
snow in any desired position but remember which ones you buried
where because only you may move a stick of dynamite that you
buried without it exploding. In order to detonate TNT by remote
control you must use the plunger. However, each spy may only use
the plunger that matches his colour.

To use your plunger:
1. Find your plunger and store it in your trapulator.
2. Find and bury sticks of TNT.
3. Watch the movements of your opponent. If he gets near the TNT
you have buried, access the trapulator and select the plunger
and set it off at the right time.

You may read your map at any time, except when both spies are on
the same screen or you are in 'Snowball mode'.

Shown on the map are:

1. A flashing area showing where you are,
2. A dotted line showing the last few areas that you visited,

3. Quadrants containing white squares show the location of the
three required objects and/or the launch briefcase.

You must keep a careful eye on the temperature of your spy. If
the level of the mercury reaches the bottom of the thermometer,
your spy will freeze to death. You can raise the body
temperature of your spy by either avoiding the items that lower
your temperature such as snowballs and walking in deep snow, or
find and enter an igloo that has a fire in it and stand by the

The game ends when either your spies dies or he leaves the
Arctic in the escape rocket. You may only enter the rocket if
you have all three items required and the launch briefcase.

To enter the rocket, simply walk up to the entrance. If any of
the items are missing, you will be persuaded to go and find
Documents typed by JACK ALIEN


Taken from Project 64
Readapted for the Spectrum in 2000 AD by
Alessandro "Gazzosa" Grussu