Type LOAD"" and press RETURN. Press PLAY on your cassette recorder. Follow on
screen prompts. Supports Sinclair, Kempston and keyboard options. Spectrum +2
users, please play in 48K mode.

Q - Up, A - Down, O - Left, P - Right, SPACE BAR or M - Fire, H - Pause,
G - Resume.
As Strider, your task is to infiltrate the Russian Red Army and return enemy
secrets to your superiors. Your mission begins In Red Square, and after fighting
off KGB attacks there, you must battle your way to me snow capped peaks of
Siberia, to confront both the elements and the enemy. If you survive this icy
test, your orders are to proceed to the southern lowlands, where jungle tribes
lurk with spears and poisoned arrows. Then return to Moscow to face the Grand
Master of the Red Army - die future of the western world depends on your
success in this ultimate confrontation.

(c) 1989 CAPCOM CO. LIMITED. All rights reserved.

Strider - hints

Press Z and O whilst playing, and then Shift and One to take you to the end of
the level.