Imagine 1987

CONTROLS : Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor
AIM : The streets aren't safe! Night falls as you make your way through
the most sinister part of town to rescue your girl, captured by a
vicious gang of street punks. You'll need to fight your way through
five levels of homicidal thugs to get to her...

GAMEPLAY : The game is divided into five stages:

1) Subway station - a gang of muggers
2) Pier area - a motorcycle gang (some on bikes!)
3) Red light area - whip-cracking ladies of the night
4) Back alley, 1 - razor-wielding gang (one hit is fatal)
5) Back alley, 2 - razor wielders plus boss with gun

Gameplay is simple enough - punch, kick and jump your way through the
henchmen and then deal with each of the four bosses. (Hint: jump kicks
are a good way of dealing with Big Bertha on level 3). If you press
down and fire while standing over a floored assailant, you can punch
him into oblivion.

COMMENTS : "A beat-em-up with real punch".
RATING : 89% (CRASH #44, September 1987)

NOW : An excellent, if rather short, beat-em-up.
KEYS : Redefinable