(Ocean / Hit Squad)

Quaid, after a terrifying visit to "Rekall" and an unsuccessful
"memory implant", discovers that his life is a lie.
His past is fiction and his true identity is shrouded in mystery. A
mystery whose solution lies on the Red Planet of Mars.

128K ONLY - Select LOADER option and press RETURN key.

This is a one-player game controlled by joystick only.
FIRE and DOWN will toggle between armed and unarmed combat.
P - Pause game (press Fire to resume)
To QUIT the game press BREAK.
SPACE BAR - Sound FX on/off

Push the joystick in the appropriate direction to steer the car.


Quaid must get from his hotel to a phone box on the far side of the
city where he will receive further instructions. Along the way he must
collect five vital objects to help him in his quest: a briefcase,
passport, ticket to Mars, disguise and a surgical instrument for
removal of an implanted homing device.

Having received his instructions Quaid commandeers a "Johnny Cab" and
must make his way to the derelict warehouse area where he can utilise
the briefcase-video and learn further information regarding his past.

A startling revelation lies within the video-briefcase. It appears
that the full answers to his questions lie on Mars. Now he must escape
from the warehouse to the Spaceport to begin his journey.

Melina and Quaid meet Benny, a taxi driver who helps them escape from
the pursuing forces. They must negotiate a dangerous route through the
caverns of Mars until they discover the way to the Rebel hideout.

Their taxi discarded, Melina and Quaid must proceed on foot back
through 'Venusville', down into the caverns to meet Kuato the rebel
Along the route are switches that must be activated to open the doors
into the alien reactor that is the heart of Quaid's dilemma. Finding
Kuato, Quaid will be given the key to the core room within the heart
of the reactor. Between Quaid and his final confrontation are the last
vestiges of Richter's armed forces.
Fight your way through, then battle Richter himself on the lift up to
the core room. Emerge victorious and within you will find the villain
behind your strife, Cohaagen. Here in the core room, he has planted a
bomb which will destroy the reactor and Mars' only chance of
Extra energy will be awarded at 50,000 points and every 100,000 points
thereafter. If energy is full, ammo will be awarded.
You only have one life; once your energy is depleted the game will be

Throughout Levels One, Three and Five, there are colour coded
switches, that when operated will remove (or add, where necessary)
walls and platforms which are colour coded to one particular switch.
Also in the above mentioned levels, by standing on 'PAD' (Spectrum) or
'P' (Amstrad), you can turn off a particular type of laser for several
seconds, although the time may vary depending on the level played.

(c) 1990 Carolco Pictures Inc.
(c) 1990 Ocean Software Limited.