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Tis a legend told long ago
About dark caves far down below,
Where deep within a Wizard dwells,
Bespaking doom and casting spells.
If this lair thou dost uncover,
Four pieces of lion thou must discover.
Only then may you escape
Past the lion that guards the gate.
So heed this warning and beware
Never venture into 'Wizard's Lair'.



1. Connect the EAR plug on the computer to the EAR
plug on the cassette player. Disconnect the MIC lead.
2. Place the cassette in the player and rewind.
3. Type in LOAD "" then press ENTER.
4. WIZARD'S LAIR will now automatically load. Several
seconds later the WIZARD'S LAIR loading screen will
appear. If it does not load successfully, adjust the
volume control on your cassette player and repeat the
instructions. For complete loading instructions consult
your Spectrum manual.



Trapped in an underground cave 'Pothole' Pete stumbles
across the WIZARD'S LAIR - a massive subterranean network
of interconnecting caves, rooms and passages. His only
chance of escape is to find the four pieces of the Golden
Lion which are spread over several levels of the cave.
There are many items and strange creatures to help and
hinder Pete in his quest to escape.



Caves - Rooms - Tunnels - Passages
Secret passages - Doors - Trap doors

Underground rivers - Lakes
Waterfalls - Wells

Subterraneous undergrowth

Dozens of species of monsters
inhabiting the lair

Knights - Executioners

Weapon throwing

Gold - Food - Drink - Armour - Weapons
Wings - Crosses - Rings - Diamonds
Keys and spells to be collected

Snakes - Tables - Gargoyles - Skulls
Shields - Tiger rugs - Lamps - Longcase
clocks - Dressers - Pictures

Pothole Pete

Wardrobe lifts - Magic lifts

Seven levels of the lair

Bonus lives

User definable keys - Joystick and Pause


Either Kempston or Sinclair 2 joystick compatible or
user definable keys for keyboard operation.

PAUSE The game may be paused during play by pressing
the BREAK/SPACE key. Any key or joystick action will
restart it.


Copyright (C) 1985 Bubble Bus Software
All rights reserved
No part of this program may be duplicated, copied,
transmitted, hired, or reproduced in any form or by
any means without the prior written permission of
Bubble Bus Software.


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Instructions typed up by Steven Kirby, November 2003