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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
3D Lemmings WinterlandMicrosoft DOS
Holiday LemmingsMicrosoft DOS
Holiday LemmingsCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1993
LemmingsCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1991
LemmingsAtari LynxPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1993
LemmingsNintendo Game BoyOcean Software Ltd.Ocean Software Ltd.Puzzle1994
LemmingsCommodore 64Psygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1993
LemmingsMicrosoft DOS
LemmingsCommodore Amiga CD32Psygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1994
LemmingsNintendo NESSunSoft, Ltd.DMA DesignPuzzle1992
LemmingsNintendo SNESSunSoft, Ltd.Psygnosis LimitedPuzzle1992
LemmingsPanasonic 3DOPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1994
LemmingsPhilips CD-iPhilips Interactive MediaDMA DesignPuzzle1993
LemmingsSega GenesisSunSoft, Ltd.Psygnosis LimitedPuzzle1992
LemmingsSega Master SystemSegaDMA DesignPuzzle1991
LemmingsSega Game GearSegaPsygnosis LimitedPuzzle1994
LemmingsSony PSPSony Computer EntertainmentTeam17 SoftwarePuzzle2006
LemmingsAmstrad CPCPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1992
LemmingsAtari STPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1991
LemmingsSinclair ZX SpectrumPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1991
LemmingsArcadeData EastData EastPuzzle1991
LemmingsSega NomadSunSoft, Ltd.Psygnosis LimitedPuzzle1992
LemmingsMGT Sam CoupeFRED PublishingChris WhitePuzzle1992
Lemmings & Oh No! More LemmingsSony PlaystationPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignVarious1998
Lemmings & Oh No! More LemmingsCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignVarious1993
Lemmings 2 - The TribesMicrosoft DOS
Lemmings 2: The TribesCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1993
Lemmings 2: The TribesNintendo Game BoyPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1994
Lemmings 2: The TribesAtari STPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1993
Lemmings 2: The TribesSega GenesisPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1994
Lemmings 2: The TribesNintendo SNESPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1995
Lemmings 2: The TribesSega NomadPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1994
Lemmings 3 - All New World of LemmingsMicrosoft DOS
Lemmings 3DMicrosoft DOS
Lemmings 3DSony PlaystationPsygnosis LimitedClockwork GamesPuzzle1997
Lemmings 3DSega SaturnPsygnosis LimitedClockwork GamesPuzzle1996
Lemmings ChroniclesCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1995
Lemmings: GFX IFF 1MGT Sam CoupeFRED PublishingChris WhitePuzzle1992
Lemmings: GFX IFF 2MGT Sam CoupeFRED PublishingChris WhitePuzzle1992
Oh No More LemmingsCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1991

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