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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Battle FieldArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiShooter1987
Blue's JourneySNK Neo-Geo MVSSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1991
Blue's JourneySNK Neo-Geo AESSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1991
Blue's JourneySNK Neo-Geo CDSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1994
Blue's Journey / RaguyArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiPlatform1990
Bull FighterArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiSports1984
Champion Base BallArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiSports1983
Champion Base Ball Part-2: Pair PlayArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiSports1983
Champion Baseball IIArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiSports1983
Crossed SwordsArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiFighting1991
Crossed SwordsSNK Neo-Geo CDSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1994
Crossed SwordsSNK Neo-Geo AESSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1991
Crossed SwordsSNK Neo-Geo MVSSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1991
EquitesArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiShooter1984
Exciting SoccerArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiSports1983
Exciting Soccer IIArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiSports1984
Gang WarsArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiFighting1989
High VoltageArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiShooter1985
KyrosArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiFighting1987
Kyros No YakataArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiFighting1986
Magician LordArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiPlatform1990
Magician LordSNK Neo-Geo MVSSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1991
Magician LordSNK Neo-Geo AESSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1991
Magician LordSNK Neo-Geo CDSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1994
Ninja CombatArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiFighting1990
Ninja CommandoArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiShooter1992
Ninja CommandoSNK Neo-Geo CDSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1994
Ninja CommandoSNK Neo-Geo AESSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1992
Ninja CommandoSNK Neo-Geo MVSSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1992
RaguySNK Neo-Geo MVSSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1991
RaguySNK Neo-Geo AESSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiAction1991
Rally ChaseSNK Neo-Geo CDSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiRacing1994
ShougiArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiTabletop1982
Shougi 2ArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiTabletop1982
Sky AdventureArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiShooter1989
Sky SoldiersArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiShooter1988
SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1Sony PSPSNK CorporationAlpha DenshiSports
Splendor BlastArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiShooter1985
STED: Iseki Wakusei no YabouNintendo NESK. Amusement Leasing Co.Alpha DenshiRole-Playing1990
Super Champion BaseballArcadeAlpha DenshiAlpha DenshiSports1989

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