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26th March, 2020 - Stuck at home?

Please take a moment to think about online activity if your stuck at home. Watch your younger children as usual whilst they seem quiet and occupied. Watch out for an increase in scams and other activity whilst criminals and other undesirables are also loosing income and targets. Watch your own addictions too. If in doubt and you see this post feel free to run it by me. Be safe.

24th March, 2020 - Prices slashed

Prices drastically reduced due to the weak British pound.

Get it while you can at this price and help out a one man small business at the same time.

Store here.

15th February, 2020 - Instant Sheller 1.10

15th February 2020 - Instant Sheller Version 1.10
Includes an implementation of HackBGRT to change the boot logo on Windows 10 UEFI installs (requires secure boot to be disabled).
Improved dialog boxes to restart system.
Brand new feature to allow command arguments to be set on a shelled application and the ability to undo and reboot on windows startup by tapping the U key.
Fixes app locking up on applying and undoing settings.

9th February, 2020 - GameEx online API
Just wanted to point out that this is a powerful addition. It can allow control of GameEx and PinballX in lots of ways. It does not require additional hardware. As well as Google assistant, it should work well with many cloud services including Cortana, and Alexa. For common uses use an account at https://ifttt.com.

7th February, 2020 - GameEx Online API - Google Voice

New GameEx online API. Control GamEx and PinballX from applications and the cloud. A front end first.

1st February, 2020 - New GameEx Arcade Edition GameLauncher mode.

No brainer front end control.


31st January, 2020 - GameEx - Gamelauncher mode

Emulation PC for 4 year old:

i recently built a PC gaming box for a 4 year old and used GameEx Gamelauncher mode for the front end. Quick video showing it in action.

I purchased a refurbished mini Dell OptiPlex 9020 for $250 US and two Amazon wired Xbox 360 controllers.

The box runs several emulators under Retroarch and the latest MAME. It handles latest MAME, N64 and PSX with upscaling with ease and runs at full frame rate with MP4 videos. Its also incredibly easy to use due to GameEx Gamelauncher mode and all games can be exited by holding down the guide button on the controllers.


New GameEx - Gamelauncher mode - MAME:

Simple kid and arcade cab friendly front end mode with different lists by MAME Arcade game category.



8th December, 2019 - GameEx 16.09

Improvements and fixes to Gamelauncher mode

Default theme images have been upscaled and quality has improved.

16th November, 2019 - GameEx 16.00
  • The project has moved to .net framework 4 and SharpDX. All operating systems and features are still supported.
  • Image loading optimizations and speed improvements.
  • GameEx Arcade flash games now load in a desktop app rather than browser, giving a nice experience now.
  • Fixes MAME snap aspect ratio.


22nd September, 2019 - Minionsoft arcade remakes for Windows 10

These are some very good arcade remakes by Minionsoft created some time ago.

This install includes 6 games.

The purpose of the project is to get the games to work on Windows 10..

The following arcade remakes are included.
- Star Wars
- The Empire Strikes Back
- Missile Command
- Moon Patrol
- Phoenix
- Scramble


The project also uses dxwnd.

I could not find license files for any on the programs so this is released as freeware/fanware.

Download here.

14th August, 2019 - GameEx 15.61

GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 15.61 released.

Fixes for latest MAME release.

Fixes GameEx Online web site and game cards for GameEx Arcade Edition.

Bug where external dialog box would show if preview video was a certain resolution.

Fixex issue where iit was not possible to enable other emulators in attract mode with GameEx Arcade Edition.

17th June, 2019 - PinballX 3.46
  • Fixes GameEx Online.
  • Fixes screensaver start for plugins. Can now be cancelled.
  • Joystick input now additionally supports x/y and pov.


12th June, 2019 - Evolution 1.06

GameEx Evolution 1.06 released.

  • Keyboard and mouse input now works in the frontend if RAW input is not available. This allows other remote desktop solutions to work. (Extensions not supported).
  • Fixes downloading extensions in repository manager.
  • Fixes crash on startup if front end display settings get corrupted.


21st May, 2019 - PinballX 3.43

PinballX 3.43 released.

Fixes for Visual Pinball 10.

9th May, 2019 - GameEx Evo 1.05

Includes new EVO specific Repository Manager utility

2nd April, 2019 - GameEx Evolution 1.03

GameEx Evolution 1.03 released.

Fixes all reported issues on the forums.


12th March, 2019 - PinballX 3.30

PinballX 3.30

  • New instruction card Apron display support.
  • Loading GIF animations fixed.
  • The frontend now supports full screen exclusive display mode again.
  • Improved display number handling. If you have issues check your display settings.
  • Performance improvements and fixes. Specifically fixes issues on systems with only 2 CPU cores.
  • Fixes not restoring all artwork when returning from in game mode.
  • PinballX will detect if its launched on startup of windows and wait before obtaining and initializing displays.


22nd November, 2018 - Thanksgiving and beyond sale.

Here is your opportunity to get GameEx Evolution and the rest of the lifetime package at half price.

Now half price until end of November to celebrate the recent release of GameEx Evolution.

You will also get a coupon for Emumovies lifetime at half price and the first 25 lifetime pruchases starting midnight black Friday get EmuMovies free.

12th November, 2018 - GameEx Evolution 1.02

GameEx Evolution 1.02 released.

Fixes some minor issues reported on the forums.

11th October, 2018 - GameEx Evolution

GameEx Evolution v1.01 Beta

Proudly presented to you by Spesoft in partnership with Headsoft and FlashBang Studio.

Some of the features you'll see in v1.01:

*** Features ***

  • Pre-configured system profiles for 200+ emulators
  • 3 default themes (Default, Blue and Black)
  • Supports multiple orientations and aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, horizontal & vertical)
  • Multiple list display modes (List, Grid, Page, Carousel, Wheel and CoverFlow)
  • Multiple game lists (All, Completed, Favourites, NextToPlay, Played and RecentlyPlayed)
  • Databases for every system
  • Auto emulator app and asset download
  • Full system auditing and game list editor
  • MAME Software List support
  • Advanced MAME filtering system (Genre, Category, Manufacturer, Year, Orientation, Rotation, Controls, Players, Buttons, Alternating, Mirrored, Service, Tilt and Cocktail)
  • Advanced System filtering (Publisher, Developer, Year, Category and Players)
  • Other Filter Flags (File, Video, Region, Language and Media)
  • Advanced emulator launch and logging system
  • Steam game import
  • Stats (LastTimePlayed, HasPlayed, HasRecentlyPlayed, HasNeverPlayed, TotalTimePlayed, TimesPlayed, HasCompleted, IsFavorite, IsNextToPlay)
  • 2D & 3D object support
  • 32 and 64-bit support
  • Frame-based animation
  • Theme skinning system
  • Bitmap font support with editor
  • Extensions (including scripts and plugins)
  • Advanced variable system (all accessible via your custom Extensions)
  • Write your own Extensions in C# or VB.NET, Have access to Evo libraries directly!
  • Free extensions including hardware support for UltraStik, ServoStik, LEDWiz, PacDrive, U-HID, Blue-HID, Nano-LED, PacLED64, I-Pac Ultimate I/O, BetaBrite etc. All open source!
  • Command.dat support (Fighting game move lists)
  • Built-in manual and asset viewer
  • Auto image mounting
  • Much, much more!


*** Q & A ***

Q: Why did it take so long?
A: This has been a long time coming and that's because we've spent extra time adding the features you wanted into the next evolution of gaming front ends!

Q: Who created it?
A: This is the most advanced FE ever written by the best in the scene. In development for over 5 years by coders with over 25 years in FE and arcade app development combined!

Q: Why did you create it?
A: This is a creation born out of love and passion for the retro arcade and emulation community. The cost was great but it's our gift to you and this is only the beginning!

Q: Where is feature X your promo video promised?
A: We have included every feature we promised except for the Theme Editor. It's still in production. Let us know if you're interested!

Q: What about native HyperSpin theme rendering?
A: It's in there we just don't think it's that important. We're not trying to be HyperSpin but we're fans of the project - hi Bill!

Q: What about RocketLauncher?
A: While we think it's a pretty cool project we think if you're paying for a FE like ours it should all be integrated. That's why our Setup Wizard does everything! No 3rd party tools required!

Q: What's the future of GameEx Evolution?
A: Very bright! But we need your support and for us to succeed we need your help to get the word out. So don't just sit there, tell everyone the good news!

Q: I need help or have a question!
A: Great! Please visit our GameEx Evolution Forums


*** GameEx Evolution is: ***

Developed by Headsoft (headsoft.com.au)
Ben Baker (Headkaze) [Code, Design and Artwork]

Published by Spesoft (spesoft.com)
Tom Speirs [Sales, Code, Testing and Support]

With Help from FlashBang Studio (flashbangstudio.uk)
Michael Ware (Greatflash) [Database, Code, Artwork, Testing and Support]

And Hanka Design (hanka-design.com)
Markus Hanka [Logo, Early UI Design Prototypes]

Full Credits: gameex/com/evo-credits


*** Thanks ***

Also thanks to our staff for all their amazing and continued work on our forums over the years:

Adultery, Carny_Priest, DazzleHP, Draco, freezy, GimmeClassics, hansolo77, nullPointer, rablack97, RedDog, stigzler, Tempest, tthurman and zeenon

Download GameEx Evolution here

21st September, 2018 - GameEx 15.50

New, now includes a 64 bit version of GameEx.

Some plugins and gamebase music is not supported in the 64 bit version. If this is a problem for you, uncheck the option during installation.

15th August, 2018 - GameEx 15.41
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixes manual viewer on 64 bit version


17th August, 2018 - PinballX 3.10 - 3.11

- Can now zero rate tables.

- Attract mode now shows high scores on your DMD

- Select and filter the game list by ratings.

- Can now rate a table within the front end.

- Company logos can be by a year or year range. Use the following in the filename: Bally (1980), Bally (-1980), Bally (1980-), Bally (1982-1988). There is also now no fixed limit on how many you can have.

- Automatically add new and missing tables. This feature is enabled or disabled under General Settings

- Current Pin2DMD support with the existing DLLs is broken now, so I have included new working versions with the installer. Select the option for Pin2DMD when installing.

- Fixes mouse wheel not working in game manager.

- The install now defaults to a 32 bit install, for both new installs and anyone upgrading from a release prior to this one. If you are not using the 32 bit version select the option on install. It caused numerous support issues previously and it just wasn't a good idea to default to 64 bit in hindsight.

23rd June, 2018 - GameEx 15..33 - PinballX 3.06

Apologies for the inconvenience but due to some required performance improvements you will need to upgrade in order to contnue to use GameEx Online. Thank you for your understanding.


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