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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Adventure A: Planet of DeathSinclair ZX SpectrumArtic ComputingArtic ComputingAction1982
Adventure A: Planet of DeathCommodore 64Artic ComputingArtic ComputingAction1984
Adventure B: Inca CurseCommodore 64Artic ComputingArtic ComputingAdventure1984
Adventure B: Inca CurseSinclair ZX SpectrumArtic ComputingArtic ComputingAdventure1982
Adventure B: Inca CurseAmstrad CPCPaxman PromotionsArtic ComputingAdventure1984
Adventure C: Ship Of DoomAmstrad CPCArtic ComputingArtic ComputingAdventure1985
Adventure C: Ship Of DoomSinclair ZX SpectrumArtic ComputingArtic ComputingAdventure1982
Adventure C: Ship Of DoomCommodore 64Artic ComputingArtic ComputingAdventure1984
Adventure D: Espionage IslandSinclair ZX SpectrumSinclair Research Ltd.Artic ComputingAdventure1982
Adventure E: The Golden AppleSinclair ZX SpectrumArtic ComputingArtic ComputingAdventure1983
Adventure F: The Eye Of BainSinclair ZX SpectrumArtic ComputingArtic ComputingAdventure1984
Adventure G: Ground ZeroSinclair ZX SpectrumArtic ComputingArtic ComputingAction1984
Arcade ClassicsSinclair ZX SpectrumFirebird SoftwareArtic ComputingShooter1988
Bear BovverSinclair ZX SpectrumArtic ComputingArtic ComputingAction1983
Defend the Terra Attack on the Red UFOArcadeArtic ComputingArtic ComputingShooter1981
Devil FishArcadeArtic ComputingArtic ComputingMaze1982
Engineer HumptyCommodore 64Artic ComputingArtic ComputingPuzzle1984
Humpty Dumpty in the GardenCommodore 64Artic ComputingArtic ComputingPuzzle1984
Humpty Dumpty meets the Fuzzy WuzziesCommodore 64Artic ComputingArtic ComputingPuzzle1984
I'm in ShockSinclair ZX SpectrumArtic ComputingArtic ComputingShooter1984
MarsArcadeArtic ComputingArtic ComputingShooter1981
MarsMicrosoft WindowsArtic ComputingArtic ComputingShooter1981
Mutant MontyAmstrad CPCAmsoftArtic Computing1984
SnookerSinclair ZX SpectrumMicroByte SoftwareArtic ComputingSports1983
World Cup CarnivalSinclair ZX SpectrumArtic ComputingArtic ComputingSports1984

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