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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
18 Holes Pro GolfArcadeData EastData EastSports1981
Act-Fancer Cybernetick Hyper WeaponArcadeData EastData EastPlatform1989
Alpha Fighter / Head OnArcadeData EastData EastMulti
Astro FantasiaArcadeData EastData EastShooter1981
Astro FighterArcadeData EastData EastShooter1979
Avengers In Galactic StormArcadeData EastData EastFighting1995
Backfire!ArcadeData EastData EastRacing1995
Bad Dudes vs. DragonninjaArcadeData EastData EastPlatform1988
Battle RangersArcadeData EastData EastShooter1988
Bega's BattleArcadeData EastData EastPlatform1983
Birdie TryArcadeData EastData EastSports1988
Bloody WolfArcadeData EastData EastShooter1988
Boogie WingsArcadeData EastData EastShooter1992
Boomer Rang'r / GenesisArcadeData EastData EastShooter1983
Boulder DashArcadeData EastData EastMaze1985
Boulder Dash / Boulder Dash Part 2ArcadeData EastData EastMaze1990
Break ThruArcadeData EastData EastShooter1986
BreywoodArcadeData EastData EastMaze1986
Bump 'n' JumpArcadeData EastData EastRacing1982
Burger TimeArcadeData EastData EastPlatform1982
Burger TimeArcadeData EastData EastPlatform1983
Burnin' RubberArcadeData EastData EastRacing1982
B-WingsArcadeData EastData EastShooter1984
Captain America and The AvengersArcadeData EastData EastFighting1991
Captain SilverArcadeData EastData EastPlatform1987
Caveman NinjaArcadeData EastData EastPlatform1991
Chain ReactionArcadeData EastData EastPuzzle1995
ChanbaraArcadeData EastData EastFighting1985
Chelnov - Atomic RunnerArcadeData EastData EastPlatform1988
China TownArcadeData EastData EastPuzzle1991
Cluster Buster / GraplopArcadeData EastData EastBreakout1983
Cobra CommandArcadeData EastData EastShooter1984
Cobra CommandLaserdiscData EastData EastShooter1984
Cobra-CommandArcadeData EastData EastShooter1988
Competition Golf Final RoundArcadeData EastData EastSports1986
Counter SteerArcadeData EastData EastRacing1985
Crude BusterArcadeData EastData EastPlatform1990
Dark SealArcadeData EastData EastMaze1990
Dark Seal 2ArcadeData EastData EastFighting1992
Darwin 4078ArcadeData EastData EastShooter1986

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