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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
ABC Monday Night FootballNintendo SNESData East CorporationData East CorporationSports1993
Al Unser Jr. Turbo RacingNintendo NESData East CorporationData East CorporationRacing1990
Atomic RunnerSega GenesisData East CorporationData East CorporationAction1992
Atomic RunnerSega NomadData East CorporationData East CorporationAction1992
Bad DudesSinclair ZX SpectrumImagine SoftwareData East CorporationFighting1988
Bad DudesCommodore 64Data East CorporationData East CorporationFighting1988
Bad DudesCommodore AmigaImagine SoftwareData East CorporationFighting1988
Bad DudesApple IIData East CorporationData East CorporationFighting1988
Bad DudesAtari STImagine SoftwareData East CorporationFighting1988
Bad DudesNintendo NESData East CorporationData East CorporationFighting1990
Bad Dudes vs. DragonninjaAmstrad CPCImagine SoftwareData East CorporationFighting1988
Bloody WolfNEC PC EngineData East CorporationData East CorporationFighting1989
Bloody WolfNEC TurboGrafx-16Data East CorporationData East CorporationFighting1989
Break ThruNintendo NESData East CorporationData East CorporationRacing1987
Break ThruAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Data East CorporationRacing1986
BreakthruCommodore 64U.S. Gold Ltd.Data East CorporationRacing1987
BreakthruSinclair ZX SpectrumU.S. Gold Ltd.Data East CorporationRacing1986
Bump 'n' JumpNintendo NESVic Tokai, Inc.Data East CorporationRacing1988
Bump 'N' JumpAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsData East CorporationRacing1983
Bump 'n' JumpColeco VisionColecoData East CorporationArcade1984
Bump 'n' JumpColeco VisionMattel ElectronicsData East CorporationArcade1983
Bump 'n' JumpMattel IntellivisionMattel ElectronicsData East CorporationArcade1983
Burger TimeMattel IntellivisionMattel ElectronicsData East CorporationArcade1982
Burger TimeColeco VisionColecoData East CorporationArcade1984
Burger TimeNintendo NESData East CorporationData East CorporationAction1987
Burger TimeApple IIMattel ElectronicsData East CorporationAction1983
Burger TimeMSX 2Dempa ShimbunshaData East CorporationAction1986
Burger TimeMSXDempa ShimbunshaData East CorporationArcade1986
Burger Time: New Levels HackMattel IntellivisionMattel ElectronicsData East CorporationArcade1982
BurgerTimeAtari 2600Mattel ElectronicsData East CorporationAction1982
BurgerTimeTexas Instruments TI 99/4ATexas InstrumentsData East CorporationAction1984
BurgerTimeCommodore 64Interceptor SoftwareData East CorporationAction1984
BurgerTime DeluxeNintendo Game BoyData East CorporationData East CorporationPuzzle1992
B-WingsNintendo NESData East CorporationData East CorporationShooter1986
Captain America and The AvengersNintendo NESData East CorporationData East CorporationFighting1991
Captain America and the AvengersNintendo SNESMindscapeData East CorporationFighting1993
Captain America and The AvengersNintendo Game BoyMindscapeData East CorporationFighting1994
Captain America and The AvengersSega Game GearMindscapeData East CorporationFighting1993
Captain America and The AvengersSega GenesisData East CorporationData East CorporationFighting1992
Captain America and The AvengersSega NomadData East CorporationData East CorporationFighting1992

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