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Alternate Reality: The DungeonApple IIDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Role-Playing1987
Alternate Reality: The DungeonAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Role-Playing1987
Annals of RomeCommodore AmigaPersonal Software ServicesDatasoft, Inc.Strategy1988
Bruce LeeMSX 2ComptiqDatasoft, Inc.Fighting1985
Bruce LeeMSXComptiqDatasoft, Inc.Fighting1985
Bruce LeeSinclair ZX SpectrumOcean Software Ltd.Datasoft, Inc.Fighting1984
Bruce LeeAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Fighting1984
Bruce LeeCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Fighting1984
Bruce LeeApple IIDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Fighting1984
Bruce LeeAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Datasoft, Inc.Fighting1986
Clowns & BalloonsAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Action1982
Clowns & BalloonsTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandyDatasoft, Inc.Action1982
Dallas QuestAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Adventure1984
Dallas QuestTandy TRS-80 CoCoDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Adventure1984
Dallas QuestApple IIDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Adventure1984
Dark LordCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Adventure1987
Force SevenCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Action1987
Goonies, TheApple IIDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Puzzle1985
Goonies, TheAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Datasoft, Inc.Puzzle1986
Goonies, TheAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Puzzle1985
O'Riley's MineCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Action1983
O'Riley's MineAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Action1983
PopcornTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandyDatasoft, Inc.Action1981
The Dallas QuestCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Adventure1984
The GooniesCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Puzzle1985
The GooniesSinclair ZX SpectrumU.S. Gold Ltd.Datasoft, Inc.Puzzle1986
They Sold a Million 2Amstrad CPCOcean Software Ltd.Datasoft, Inc.Sports1986
ZorroAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Datasoft, Inc.Puzzle1986
ZorroSinclair ZX SpectrumU.S. Gold Ltd.Datasoft, Inc.Puzzle1986
ZorroAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Adventure1985

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