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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Blood MoneyAtari STPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignShooter1989
Blood MoneyCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignShooter1989
Blood MoneyCommodore 64Psygnosis LimitedDMA DesignShooter1990
Body HarvestNintendo N64Gremlin GraphicsDMA DesignAction1998
Grand Theft AutoSony PlaystationTake 2 InteractiveDMA DesignRacing1998
Grand Theft Auto 2Sony PlaystationRockstar GamesDMA DesignRacing1999
Grand Theft Auto 2Sega DreamcastRockstar GamesDMA DesignRacing2000
Grand Theft Auto Double PackMicrosoft XboxRockstar GamesDMA DesignVarious2004
Grand Theft Auto Double PackSony Playstation 2Rockstar GamesDMA DesignVarious2003
Grand Theft Auto: The Classics CollectionSony PlaystationRockstar GamesDMA DesignVarious2003
Hired GunsCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignRole-Playing1993
Holiday LemmingsCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1993
LemmingsCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1991
LemmingsAtari LynxPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1993
LemmingsAtari STPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1991
LemmingsCommodore Amiga CD32Psygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1994
LemmingsSega Master SystemSegaDMA DesignPuzzle1991
LemmingsNintendo NESSunSoft, Ltd.DMA DesignPuzzle1992
LemmingsPanasonic 3DOPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1994
LemmingsPhilips CD-iPhilips Interactive MediaDMA DesignPuzzle1993
LemmingsCommodore 64Psygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1993
LemmingsSinclair ZX SpectrumPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1991
LemmingsAmstrad CPCPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1992
Lemmings & Oh No! More LemmingsSony PlaystationPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignVarious1998
Lemmings & Oh No! More LemmingsCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignVarious1993
Lemmings 2: The TribesCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1993
Lemmings 2: The TribesAtari STPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1993
Lemmings 2: The TribesNintendo Game BoyPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1994
Lemmings 2: The TribesSega GenesisPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1994
Lemmings 2: The TribesNintendo SNESPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1995
Lemmings 2: The TribesSega NomadPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1994
Lemmings ChroniclesCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1995
ManhuntMicrosoft XboxRockstar GamesDMA DesignStrategy
ManhuntSony Playstation 2Rockstar GamesDMA DesignStrategy2003
MenaceAtari STPsyclapseDMA DesignShooter1989
MenaceCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignShooter1988
MenaceCommodore 64PsyclapseDMA DesignShooter1989
Oh No More LemmingsCommodore AmigaPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1991
Oh No More LemmingsAtari STPsygnosis LimitedDMA DesignPuzzle1992
Space Station Silicon ValleyNintendo N64Take 2 InteractiveDMA DesignAction1998

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