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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
4x4 Off-Road RacingAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
4x4 Off-Road RacingAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1989
4x4 Off-Road RacingCommodore 64U.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
4x4 Off-Road RacingCommodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
4x4 Off-Road RacingMSX 2U.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
4x4 Off-Road RacingSinclair ZX SpectrumU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
4x4 Off-Road RacingMSXU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
Alien GardenAtari 8-bitEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Strategy1982
Blue LightningAtari LynxAtariEpyx, Inc.Shooter1989
California GamesAtari LynxAtariEpyx, Inc.Sports1989
California GamesAtari 2600Epyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
California GamesNintendo NESMilton BradleyEpyx, Inc.Sports1989
California GamesAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1987
California GamesSega Master SystemSegaEpyx, Inc.Sports1989
California GamesSega GenesisSegaEpyx, Inc.Sports1991
California GamesAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1989
California GamesApple IIEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1987
California GamesCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1987
California GamesMSXErbe SoftwareEpyx, Inc.Sports1987
California GamesSega NomadSegaEpyx, Inc.Sports1991
California GamesSinclair ZX SpectrumU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Sports1987
California GamesMSX 2Erbe SoftwareEpyx, Inc.Sports1987
California GamesCommodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
California Games 2Commodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1992
California Games 2Sega Master SystemSegaEpyx, Inc.Sports1993
Championship WrestlingCommodore 64RushwareEpyx, Inc.Sports1986
Championship WrestlingApple IIEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1986
Championship WrestlingAtari STEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1986
Chip's ChallengeAtari STU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Puzzle1990
Chip's ChallengeCommodore 64U.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Puzzle1990
Chip's ChallengeAmstrad CPCU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Puzzle1990
Chip's ChallengeAtari LynxAtariEpyx, Inc.Puzzle1989
Chip's ChallengeCommodore AmigaU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Puzzle1990
Chip's ChallengeSinclair ZX SpectrumU.S. Gold Ltd.Epyx, Inc.Puzzle1990
DestroyerCommodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Simulation1988
DestroyerCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Simulation1986
DestroyerApple IIEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Simulation1986
Dunjonquest: Curse of RaApple IIEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Role-Playing1982
Dunjonquest: Curse of RaAtari 8-bitEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Role-Playing1982
Dunjonquest: Curse of RaCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Role-Playing1983

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