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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Astro ChaseAtari 5200Parker BrothersFirst Star SoftwareShooter1983
Astro ChaseAtari 8-bitFirst Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwareShooter1982
Astro ChaseCommodore 64First Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwareShooter1984
Boing!Atari 2600First Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwareAction1983
Boulder DashColeco VisionMicro FunFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1984
Boulder DashNintendo NESJVC Musical IndustriesFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1990
Boulder DashApple IIMicro FunFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1984
Boulder DashCommodore 64Micro FunFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1984
Boulder DashAtari 8-bitFirst Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwareArcade1984
Boulder DashNintendo Game BoyVictor Musical Ind.First Star SoftwareAction1990
Boulder DashAmstrad CPCMirrorsoftFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1984
Boulder DashAtari STElectronic ArtsFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1986
Boulder DashMSX 2ComptiqFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1985
Boulder DashMSXComptiqFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1985
Boulder Dash 2MSXFirst Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1985
Boulder Dash 2MSX 2First Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1985
Boulder Dash 2Atari 8-bitFirst Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwareArcade1985
Boulder Dash 2Amstrad CPCMirrorsoftFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1985
Boulder Dash 2Atari 5200Mean Hamster SoftwareFirst Star SoftwareAction2005
Boulder Dash Construction KitApple IIEpyx, Inc.First Star SoftwareAction1987
Boulder Dash Construction KitAmstrad CPCDatabyteFirst Star SoftwareAction1988
Boulder Dash Construction KitAtari 8-bitEpyx, Inc.First Star SoftwareAction1986
Boulder Dash Construction KitCommodore 64First Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwareAction1986
Boulder Dash Construction KitAtari STDatabyteFirst Star SoftwareAction1987
Boulder Dash Construction KitCommodore AmigaWicked SoftwareFirst Star SoftwareAction1989
Boulder Dash Construction KitSinclair ZX SpectrumDatabyteFirst Star SoftwareAction1988
Boulderdash II: Rockford's RevengeSinclair ZX SpectrumPrism Leisure Corporatio...First Star SoftwarePuzzle1985
Boulderdash II: Rockford's RevengeCommodore 64First Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1985
BristlesCommodore 64First Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwareAction1983
BristlesAtari 8-bitFirst Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwareAction1983
BristlesAtari 5200First Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwareAction2004
Omnicron ConspiracyCommodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.First Star SoftwareAdventure1990
Omnicron ConspiracyAtari STImage WorksFirst Star SoftwareAdventure1990
Panic ButtonCommodore VIC-20First Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1984
Panic ButtonTandy TRS-80 CoCoTandyFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1983
Spy vs SpySega Master SystemSegaFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1986
Spy vs SpyCommodore 64Beyond - Challenging Sof...First Star SoftwarePuzzle1984
Spy vs Spy III: Arctic AnticsCommodore 64DatabyteFirst Star SoftwareStrategy1986
Spy vs Spy: The Island CaperCommodore 64DatabyteFirst Star SoftwareStrategy1985
Spy vs. SpyAtari 8-bitFirst Star SoftwareFirst Star SoftwarePuzzle1984

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