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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Adventures of LoloNintendo NESHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryPuzzle1989
Adventures of Lolo 3Nintendo NESHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryPuzzle1991
Adventures of Lolo 2Nintendo NESHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryPuzzle1990
Adventures of Lolo, TheNintendo Game BoyNintendoHAL LaboratoryPuzzle1995
Air FortressNintendo NESHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryShooter1989
AlcahestNintendo SNESSquare Co., Ltd.HAL LaboratoryAction1993
ArcanaNintendo SNESHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryRole-Playing1992
BalanceMSX 2HAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryEducational1984
BalanceMSXHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryEducational1984
BladeNintendo Game Boy ColorActivisionHAL LaboratoryFighting2000
Dunk ShotMSXHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratorySports1986
Dunk ShotMSX 2HAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratorySports1986
Eggerland 2MSX 2HAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryPuzzle1988
Eggerland 2MSXHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryPuzzle1988
Eggerland MysteryMSXHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryPuzzle1985
Eggerland MysteryMSX 2HAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryPuzzle1985
Hole in OneMSX 2HAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratorySports1984
Hole in OneMSXHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratorySports1984
Hole in One ProfessionalMSXHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratorySports1986
Hole in One ProfessionalMSX 2HAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratorySports1986
Hole in One ProfessionalNintendo NESHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratorySports1988
Hole in One SpecialMSX 2HAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratorySports1987
Hole in One SpecialMSXHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratorySports1987
Hoshi no Kirby 64Nintendo N64NintendoHAL LaboratoryAction2000
HyperZoneNintendo SNESHAL LaboratoryHAL LaboratoryShooter1992
Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No. 1Nintendo N64NintendoHAL LaboratorySports2000
Jupiter LanderCommodore 64Commodore Electronics Ltd.HAL LaboratoryAction1982
Jupiter LanderCommodore VIC-20Commodore Electronics Ltd.HAL LaboratoryAction1981
Kirby 64: The Crystal ShardsNintendo N64NintendoHAL LaboratoryAction2001
Kirby Air RideNintendo GameCubeNintendoHAL LaboratoryRacing
Kirby and the Amazing MirrorNintendo Game Boy AdvanceNintendoHAL LaboratoryPuzzle2004
Kirby Super StarNintendo SNESNintendoHAL LaboratoryAction1996
Kirby Tilt 'n' TumbleNintendo Game Boy ColorNintendoHAL LaboratoryPuzzle2001
Kirby: Nightmare in DreamlandNintendo Game Boy AdvanceNintendoHAL LaboratoryAction2002
Kirby's AdventureNintendo NESNintendoHAL LaboratoryAction1993
Kirby's AvalancheNintendo SNESNintendoHAL LaboratoryPuzzle1995
Kirby's Block BallNintendo Game BoyNintendoHAL LaboratoryPuzzle1996
Kirby's Dream CourseNintendo SNESNintendoHAL LaboratorySports1995
Kirby's Dream LandNintendo Game BoyNintendoHAL LaboratoryAction1992
Kirby's Dream Land 2Nintendo Game BoyNintendoHAL LaboratoryAction1995

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