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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
4 Nin Uchi MahjongNintendo NESNintendoHudson SoftTraditional1984
Adventure IslandNintendo NESHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1988
Adventure IslandNintendo Game Boy AdvanceNintendoHudson SoftAction2004
Adventure IslandNintendo Game BoyHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1992
Adventure Island 3Nintendo Game BoyHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1993
Adventure Island 3Nintendo NESHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1992
Adventure Island II - Aliens in ParadiseNintendo Game BoyHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1992
AldynesNEC SuperGrafxHudson SoftHudson SoftShooter1991
An American Tail: Fievel Goes WestNintendo SNESHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1994
Baku BombermanNintendo N64NintendoHudson SoftAction1997
Baku Bomberman 2Nintendo N64NintendoHudson SoftPuzzle1999
Bakukyuu Renpatsu!! Super B-DamanNintendo SNESHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1997
Battle AceNEC SuperGrafxHudson SoftHudson SoftShooter1989
Battle Lode RunnerNEC PC EngineHudson SoftHudson SoftPuzzle1993
Battle Lode RunnerNEC TurboGrafx-16Hudson SoftHudson SoftPuzzle1993
Bikkuriman World: Gekitou Sei SenshiNintendo NESHudson SoftHudson SoftRole-Playing1990
Bill Laimbeer's Combat BasketballNintendo SNESHudson SoftHudson SoftSports1991
Binary LandNintendo NESHudson SoftHudson SoftPuzzle1985
Binary LandMSX 2Hudson SoftHudson SoftPuzzle1985
Binary LandMSXHudson SoftHudson SoftPuzzle1985
Blazing LazersArcadeHudson SoftHudson SoftShooter1989
Blazing LazersNEC TurboGrafx-16Hudson SoftHudson SoftShooter1989
Blazing LazersNEC PC EngineHudson SoftHudson SoftShooter1989
Blender Bros.Nintendo Game Boy AdvanceInfogramesHudson SoftRacing2002
BombermanNintendo Game Boy AdvanceNintendoHudson SoftAction2004
BombermanNintendo NESHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1987
BombermanNEC PC EngineHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1990
BombermanNEC TurboGrafx-16Hudson SoftHudson SoftAction1990
BombermanCommodore AmigaUbisoftHudson SoftAction1991
BombermanMSXHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1983
BombermanMSX 2Hudson SoftHudson SoftAction1983
BombermanAtari STUbisoftHudson SoftAction1992
BombermanNintendo DSHudson SoftHudson SoftPuzzle2005
Bomberman 2Nintendo NESHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1992
Bomberman 64Nintendo N64NintendoHudson SoftAction1997
Bomberman 64: Arcade EditionNintendo N64Hudson SoftHudson SoftAction2001
Bomberman 64: The Second AttackNintendo N64NintendoHudson SoftPuzzle2000
Bomberman '93NEC TurboGrafx-16Hudson SoftHudson SoftAction1992
Bomberman '93NEC PC EngineHudson SoftHudson SoftAction1992
Bomberman B-DamanNintendo SNESHudson SoftHudson SoftPuzzle1996

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