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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Alien ChallengeArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting1994
Bee Storm - DoDonPachi IIArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Shooter2001
Big D2ArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Not Classified2000
Champion LeagueArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Casino2000
Champion PokerArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Casino
Chuugokuryuu IIArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Puzzle1997
Demon FrontArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Platform2002
Dou Di ZhuArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Not Classified
Dragon World 2001ArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Puzzle2001
Dragon World 3ArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Puzzle1998
Dragon World 3 EXArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Puzzle1998
Dragon World IIArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Puzzle1997
Five ClownArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Casino1993
Golden StarArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Casino
Happy 6-in-1ArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Multi2004
Happy JackieArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Casino1993
IQ-BlockArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Puzzle1993
Knights of Valour / Sangoku SenkiArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting1999
Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2ArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting2000
Knights of Valour 2 Plus - Nine Dragons / Sangoku Senki 2 Plus - Nine DragonsArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting2001
Knights of Valour Plus / Sangoku Senki PlusArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting1999
Knights of Valour Super Heroes / Sangoku Senki Super HeroesArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting1999
Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus / Sangoku Senki Super Heroes PlusArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting2004
Kuai Le Xi You JiArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Not Classified
Long Hu Zheng Ba 3ArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Not Classified
Long Hu Zheng Ba 4ArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Not Classified
Lord of GunArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Shooter1994
Mahjong Tian Jiang Shen BingArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Tabletop1997
Man Guan Fu XingArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Not Classified2000
Martial MastersArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting2001
New Champion SkillArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Casino2000
New Champion SkillArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Casino
Oriental Legend / Xi You Shi E ZhuanArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting1997
Oriental Legend 2ArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting2007
Oriental Legend Special / Xi You Shi E Zhuan SuperArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting1998
Oriental Legend Special Plus / Xi You Shi E Zhuan Super PlusArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Fighting2004
Photo Y2KArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Puzzle1999
Photo Y2K 2ArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Puzzle2001
PK TetrisArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Casino
Puzzle StarArcadeIGS Corp.IGS Corp.Puzzle1999

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