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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
64th. Street - A Detective StoryArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Fighting1991
AerobotoArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Shooter1984
Arm Champs II v1.7ArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Sports1992
Arm Champs II v2.6ArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Sports1992
Astyanax, TheNintendo NESJaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Adventure1990
Avenging SpiritNintendo Game BoyJaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Action1992
Avenging SpiritArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Platform1991
Bases Loaded 4Nintendo NESJaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Sports1993
Bases Loaded '96: Double HeaderSega SaturnJaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Sports1996
Best Bout BoxingArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Sports1994
Big RunArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Racing1989
Big RunAtari STStorm ComputersJaleco Ltd.Racing1992
Big RunCommodore AmigaStorm ComputersJaleco Ltd.Racing1992
Big StrikerArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Sports1992
Bombs AwayArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Shooter1988
Brawl BrothersNintendo SNESJaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Action1993
Brawl Brothers: Rival Turf! 2Nintendo SNESJaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Action1993
CarrierSega DreamcastJaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Action2000
ChameleonArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Platform1983
Chimera BeastArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Shooter1993
Cisco HeatArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Racing1990
Cisco Heat: All American Police Car RaceAtari STImage WorksJaleco Ltd.Racing1991
Cisco Heat: All American Police Car RaceAmstrad CPCImage WorksJaleco Ltd.Racing1991
Cisco Heat: All American Police Car RaceSinclair ZX SpectrumImage WorksJaleco Ltd.Racing1991
Cisco Heat: All American Police Car RaceCommodore 64Image WorksJaleco Ltd.Racing1991
Cisco Heat: All American Police Car RaceCommodore AmigaImage WorksJaleco Ltd.Racing1991
City ConnectionArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Platform1985
CruisinArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Platform1985
CybattlerArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Shooter1993
D-DayArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Shooter1984
D-DayMSX 2Jaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Shooter1984
D-DayMSXJaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Shooter1984
Desert War / Wangan SensouArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Shooter1995
Dragon SeedsSony PlaystationJaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Strategy1998
Dynamic ShootingArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Sports1988
E.D.F. : Earth Defense ForceArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Shooter1991
ExerionArcadeJalecoJaleco Ltd.Shooter1983
ExerionNintendo NESJaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Shooter1985
ExerionMSXDempa ShimbunshaJaleco Ltd.Shooter1984
ExerionMSX 2Dempa ShimbunshaJaleco Ltd.Shooter1984

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