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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
RoboSportCommodore AmigaOcean Software Ltd.Maxis SoftwareStrategy1992
Sim Ant: The Electronic Ant ColonyCommodore AmigaMaxis SoftwareMaxis SoftwareSimulation1992
Sim CityCommodore AmigaMaxis SoftwareMaxis SoftwareSimulation1989
Sim CityAmstrad CPCInfogramesMaxis SoftwareSimulation1989
Sim CityAtari STInfogramesMaxis SoftwareSimulation1990
Sim City 2000Commodore AmigaMaxis SoftwareMaxis SoftwareStrategy1994
Sim City 2000Sega SaturnMaxis SoftwareMaxis SoftwareStrategy1995
Sim City ClassicCommodore AmigaMaxis SoftwareMaxis SoftwareSimulation1994
Sim City Graphics Set 1: Ancient CitiesCommodore AmigaInfogramesMaxis SoftwareSimulation1992
Sim City Graphics Set 2: Future CitiesCommodore AmigaInfogramesMaxis SoftwareSimulation1992
Sim City: Terrain EditorCommodore AmigaInfogramesMaxis SoftwareSimulation1989
Sim City: Terrain EditorAtari STInfogramesMaxis SoftwareSimulation1991
Sim Earth: The Living PlanetAtari STOcean Software Ltd.Maxis SoftwareEducational1991
Sim Earth: The Living PlanetSega CDSegaMaxis SoftwareEducational1993
Sim Earth: The Living PlanetCommodore AmigaMindscapeMaxis SoftwareEducational1992
Sim Earth: The Living PlanetNintendo SNESPony CanyonMaxis SoftwareEducational1992
Sim Earth: The Living PlanetNEC PC Engine CDHudson SoftMaxis SoftwareEducational1993
Sim Earth: The Living PlanetNEC TurboGrafx CDHudson SoftMaxis SoftwareEducational1993
Sim LifeCommodore AmigaMindscapeMaxis SoftwareSimulation1993
SimCityCommodore 64Maxis SoftwareMaxis SoftwareSimulation1989
SimCitySinclair ZX SpectrumErbe SoftwareMaxis SoftwareSimulation1990
SimCityNintendo SNESNintendoMaxis SoftwareSimulation1991
SimCity 2000Sony PlaystationMaxis SoftwareMaxis SoftwareStrategy1996
SimsSony Playstation 2Electronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareSimulation2003
SimsNintendo GameCubeElectronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareSimulation
SimsMicrosoft XboxElectronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareSimulation
Sims 2Microsoft XboxElectronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareStrategy
Sims 2Nintendo GameCubeElectronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareStrategy
Sims 2Sony Playstation 2Electronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareStrategy2005
Sims 2Sony PSPElectronic ArtsMaxis SoftwarePuzzle2005
Sims: Bustin' OutSony Playstation 2Electronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareSimulation2003
Sims: Bustin' OutNintendo Game Boy AdvanceElectronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareStrategy2003
Sims: Bustin' OutNintendo GameCubeElectronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareSimulation
Sims: Bustin' OutMicrosoft XboxElectronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareSimulation
Sky ChaseAtari STImage WorksMaxis SoftwareSimulation1988
Sky ChaseCommodore AmigaImage WorksMaxis SoftwareSimulation1988
Urbz: Sims in the CityMicrosoft XboxElectronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareStrategy2004
Urbz: Sims in the CityNintendo GameCubeElectronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareStrategy2004
Urbz: Sims in the CitySony Playstation 2Electronic ArtsMaxis SoftwareStrategy2004

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