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Caves of DoomAmstrad CPCMastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareAction1985
Caves of DoomSinclair ZX SpectrumMastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareAction1985
Cosmic Causeway: Trailblazer IICommodore 64Gremlin GraphicsMr. Chip SoftwareAction1987
Hero of the Golden TalismanCommodore 64MastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareAdventure1985
Hero of the Golden TalismanAmstrad CPCMastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareAdventure1986
Kikstart 2Amstrad CPCMastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareSports1988
Kikstart 2Commodore 64MastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareSports1987
Kikstart 2Sinclair ZX SpectrumMastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareSports1988
Kikstart 2Commodore AmigaMastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareSports1987
Kikstart: Off-Road SimulatorSinclair ZX SpectrumMastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareSports1985
Kikstart: Off-Road SimulatorCommodore 64MastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareSports1985
Kikstart: Off-Road SimulatorAtari 8-bitMastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareSports1986
Kikstart: Off-Road SimulatorCommodore 128MastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareSports1986
Kwazy KwaksCommodore VIC-20Mr. Chip SoftwareMr. Chip SoftwareShooter1984
P.O.D.: Proof of DestructionSinclair ZX SpectrumMastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareShooter1988
RollaroundSinclair ZX SpectrumMastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareAction1987
RollaroundCommodore 64MastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareAction1987
RollaroundAmstrad CPCMastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareAction1988
Trail BlazerAmstrad CPCGremlin GraphicsMr. Chip SoftwareAction1986
Trail BlazerMSX 2Gremlin GraphicsMr. Chip SoftwareAction1986
Trail BlazerMSXGremlin GraphicsMr. Chip SoftwareAction1986
Trail BlazerAtari 8-bitMindscapeMr. Chip SoftwareAction1986
Trail BlazerAtari STMindscapeMr. Chip SoftwareAction1986
TrailblazerSinclair ZX SpectrumGremlin GraphicsMr. Chip SoftwareAction1986
TrailblazerCommodore 64Gremlin GraphicsMr. Chip SoftwareAction1986
Video MeaniesCommodore 64MastertronicMr. Chip SoftwareAction1986

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