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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
ApprenticeAtari STRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1990
ConquerorAtari STRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsShooter1989
Danger FreakCommodore 64Rainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsAction1987
Danger FreakCommodore AmigaRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsAction1987
Graffiti ManCommodore 64Rainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsAction1988
Hard 'n HeavyCommodore 64reLINE SoftwareRainbow ArtsAction1989
Hard 'n HeavyAtari STreLINE SoftwareRainbow ArtsAction1989
Hard 'n HeavyCommodore AmigareLINE SoftwareRainbow ArtsAction1989
LogicalCommodore 64Rainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1991
LollypopCommodore AmigaSoftgold ComputerspieleRainbow ArtsAction1995
M.U.D.S. - Mean Ugly Dirty SportCommodore AmigaRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsSports1991
Mad TVCommodore AmigaRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsStrategy1991
MadnessCommodore 64Rainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsAction1986
Master BlazerAtari STLucasArts / LucasfilmRainbow ArtsRacing1991
Master BlazerCommodore AmigaLucasArts / LucasfilmRainbow ArtsRacing1990
Realm of the TrollsCommodore AmigaGO!Rainbow ArtsShooter1989
Realm of the TrollsCommodore 64GO!Rainbow ArtsShooter1989
Realm of the TrollsAtari STGO!Rainbow ArtsShooter1989
Rendering Ranger R2Nintendo SNESVirgin Games, Ltd.Rainbow ArtsAction1995
Rock 'n RollAmstrad CPCRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1989
Rock 'n RollCommodore 64Rainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1989
Rock 'n RollAtari STRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1989
Rock 'n RollSinclair ZX SpectrumRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1989
Rock 'n RollCommodore AmigaRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1989
SarcophaserCommodore AmigaRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsShooter1988
SarcophaserAtari STRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsShooter1988
SphericalAtari STRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1989
SphericalAmstrad CPCRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1990
SphericalSinclair ZX SpectrumRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1989
SphericalCommodore 64Rainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1989
SphericalCommodore AmigaRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsPuzzle1989
Street CatCommodore 64Rainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsSports1987
Street CatCommodore AmigaU.S. Gold Ltd.Rainbow ArtsSports1988
Street CatAmstrad CPCRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsSports1987
Street CatAtari STRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsSports1988
Super TurricanNintendo NESImagineerRainbow ArtsShooter1993
The Baby of Can GuruCommodore 64Rainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsAction1987
TurricanCommodore 64Rainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsShooter1990
TurricanSinclair ZX SpectrumRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsShooter1990
Turrican II: The Final FightCommodore 64KixxRainbow ArtsShooter1992

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