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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
007: Golden EyeNintendo N64NintendoRare, Ltd.Shooter1997
A Nightmare on Elm StreetNintendo NESLJN, Ltd.Rare, Ltd.Action1990
Amazing Spider-ManNintendo Game BoyLJN, Ltd.Rare, Ltd.Action1990
AnticipationNintendo NESNintendoRare, Ltd.Traditional1988
Banjo PilotNintendo Game Boy AdvanceTHQ, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Racing2005
Banjo to Kazooie no DaiboukenNintendo N64NintendoRare, Ltd.Action1998
Banjo to Kazooie no Daibouken 2Nintendo N64NintendoRare, Ltd.Adventure2000
Banjo-KazooieNintendo N64NintendoRare, Ltd.Action1998
Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's RevengeNintendo Game Boy AdvanceTHQ, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Puzzle2003
Banjo-TooieNintendo N64NintendoRare, Ltd.Adventure2001
Battle ToadsNintendo NESTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1991
Battle ToadsCommodore Amiga CD32MindscapeRare, Ltd.Fighting1994
Battle ToadsSega Game GearTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1993
Battle ToadsCommodore AmigaMindscapeRare, Ltd.Fighting1994
Battle Toads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamNintendo NESTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1993
Battle Toads in BattlemaniacsSega Master SystemTec Toy Indústria de Bri...Rare, Ltd.Fighting1994
Battle Toads in Ragnarok's WorldNintendo Game BoyTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1993
BattletoadsSega GenesisTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1991
BattletoadsNintendo Game BoyTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1991
BattletoadsSega NomadTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1991
Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamSega NomadTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1995
Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamNintendo Game BoyTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1993
Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamSega GenesisTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1995
Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamNintendo SNESTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1993
Battletoads in BattlemaniacsNintendo SNESTradewest, Inc.Rare, Ltd.Fighting1993
BeetlejuiceNintendo Game BoyLJN, Ltd.Rare, Ltd.Puzzle1992
BeetlejuiceNintendo NESLJN, Ltd.Rare, Ltd.Action1991
Blast CorpsNintendo N64NintendoRare, Ltd.Racing1997
Blast DozerNintendo N64NintendoRare, Ltd.Racing1997
Captain Sky HawkNintendo NESMilton BradleyRare, Ltd.Action1990
Captain Sky HawkNintendo Arcade SystemsRare, Ltd.Rare, Ltd.Shooter1989
Cobra TriangleNintendo NESNintendoRare, Ltd.Racing1989
Conker: Live & ReloadedMicrosoft XboxMicrosoft Game StudiosRare, Ltd.Puzzle
Conker's Bad Fur DayNintendo N64Rare, Ltd.Rare, Ltd.Action2001
Conker's Pocket TalesNintendo Game Boy ColorRare, Ltd.Rare, Ltd.Puzzle1999
Diddy Kong RacingNintendo N64NintendoRare, Ltd.Racing1997
Digger T. Rock: Legend of the Lost CityNintendo NESMilton BradleyRare, Ltd.Puzzle1990
Donkey Kong 64Nintendo N64NintendoRare, Ltd.Action1999
Donkey Kong CountryNintendo Game Boy ColorNintendoRare, Ltd.Action2000
Donkey Kong CountryNintendo SNESNintendoRare, Ltd.Action1994

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