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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Apple Cider SpiderApple IISierra On-LineSierra On-LineAction1983
Apple Cider SpiderCommodore 64Sierra On-LineSierra On-LineAction1984
BC's Quest for TiresSinclair ZX SpectrumSoftware ProjectsSierra On-LineAction1984
BC's Quest for Tires 2: Grog's RevengeMSXErbe SoftwareSierra On-LineRacing1986
BC's Quest for Tires 2: Grog's RevengeMSX 2Erbe SoftwareSierra On-LineRacing1986
Black CauldronCommodore AmigaSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1987
Black CauldronAtari STSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1986
Black CauldronScummVMSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1986
Black CauldronApple IISierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1986
CannonBall BlitzApple IISierra On-LineSierra On-LineAction1982
CannonBall BlitzCommodore VIC-20Sierra On-LineSierra On-LineAction1982
CannonBall BlitzTexas Instruments TI 99/4ASierra On-LineSierra On-LineAction1984
Castle of Dr. BrainCommodore AmigaSierra On-LineSierra On-LinePuzzle1992
Codename: ICEMANCommodore AmigaSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1990
Codename: ICEMANAtari STSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1989
Colonel's BequestCommodore AmigaSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1990
Colonel's BequestAtari STSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1990
Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the GrailAtari STSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1990
Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the GrailCommodore AmigaSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1990
Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin HoodCommodore AmigaSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1992
CrossfireCommodore 64Sierra On-LineSierra On-LineAction1983
CrossfireApple IISierra On-LineSierra On-LineAction1984
CrossfireAtari 8-bitSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAction1981
CrossfireCommodore VIC-20Sierra On-LineSierra On-LineAction1981
Dark CrystalAtari 8-bitSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1984
Dark CrystalApple IISierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1983
Donald Duck's PlaygroundCommodore 64U.S. Gold Ltd.Sierra On-LineEducational1984
Donald Duck's PlaygroundAtari STSierra On-LineSierra On-LineEducational1986
Donald Duck's PlaygroundCommodore AmigaSierra On-LineSierra On-LineEducational1986
Donald Duck's PlaygroundTandy TRS-80 CoCoSierra On-LineSierra On-LineEducational1984
Dragon's KeepCommodore 64Sierra On-LineSierra On-LineEducational1984
Dragon's KeepApple IISierra On-LineSierra On-LineEducational1982
Dragon's KeepAtari 8-bitSierra On-LineSierra On-LineEducational1984
Gold RushApple IISierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1988
Gold RushAtari STSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1989
Gold RushCommodore AmigaSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1989
Gold RushScummVMSierra On-LineSierra On-LineAdventure1988
Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A HeroCommodore AmigaSierra On-LineSierra On-LineRole-Playing1990
Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A HeroAtari STSierra On-LineSierra On-LineRole-Playing1990
Hoyle CasinoSega DreamcastSierra On-LineSierra On-LineSimulation2000

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