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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Air RescueSega Master SystemSegaSims Co., Ltd.Action1992
AladdinSega Master SystemSegaSims Co., Ltd.Action1994
AladdinSega Game GearSegaSims Co., Ltd.Action1994
Ape Escape: On the LooseSony PSPSony Computer EntertainmentSims Co., Ltd.Sports2006
ATP Tour Championship TennisSega NomadSegaSims Co., Ltd.Sports1994
ATP Tour Championship TennisSega GenesisSegaSims Co., Ltd.Sports1994
Buster FightSega Game GearSegaSims Co., Ltd.Fighting1994
Digimon Adventure 02: D1 TamersBandai WonderSwan ColorBandaiSims Co., Ltd.Role-Playing2000
Digimon Adventure 02: Tag TamersBandai WonderSwanBandaiSims Co., Ltd.Role-Playing2000
Digimon Adventure: Anode TamerBandai WonderSwanBandaiSims Co., Ltd.Role-Playing1999
Digimon Adventure: Cathode TamerBandai WonderSwanBandaiSims Co., Ltd.Role-Playing2000
Digimon Tamers: Brave TamerBandai WonderSwan ColorBandaiSims Co., Ltd.Role-Playing2001
Fred Couples GolfSega Game GearSegaSims Co., Ltd.Sports1995
From TV Animation: Slam Dunk: Shouri heno Starting 5Sega Game GearBandaiSims Co., Ltd.Sports1994
George Foreman's KO BoxingSega Game GearFlying EdgeSims Co., Ltd.Sports1992
George Foreman's KO BoxingSega Master SystemFlying EdgeSims Co., Ltd.Sports1992
Maborosi TukiyoSega DreamcastSims Co., Ltd.Sims Co., Ltd.Simulation1999
Master of DarknessSega Master SystemSegaSims Co., Ltd.Action1992
Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible SpecialSega Game GearSegaSims Co., Ltd.Role-Playing1995
Mighty Morphin Power RangersSega Game GearSegaSims Co., Ltd.Fighting1994
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The MovieSega Game GearBanprestoSims Co., Ltd.Fighting1995
Out Run 2019Sega GenesisSegaSims Co., Ltd.Racing1993
Out Run 2019Sega NomadSegaSims Co., Ltd.Racing1993
Putt & PutterSega Master SystemSegaSims Co., Ltd.Sports1992
Putt & PutterSega Game GearSegaSims Co., Ltd.Sports1991
Scratch GolfSega Game GearVic Tokai, Inc.Sims Co., Ltd.Sports1994
Sega Bass FishingSega DreamcastSegaSims Co., Ltd.Sports1999
Sega Bass Fishing 2Sega DreamcastSegaSims Co., Ltd.Sports2001
Tails' Sky PatrolSega Game GearSegaSims Co., Ltd.Action1995
Tengen World Cup SoccerSega Game GearTengen Ltd.Sims Co., Ltd.Sports1993
Tom and Jerry: The MovieSega Game GearSegaSims Co., Ltd.Action1992
Vampire: Master of DarknessSega Game GearSims Co., Ltd.Sims Co., Ltd.Action1992
VaySega CDWorking DesignsSims Co., Ltd.Role-Playing1994
Wimbledon Championship TennisSega NomadSegaSims Co., Ltd.Sports1993
Wimbledon Championship TennisSega GenesisSegaSims Co., Ltd.Sports1993
Wimbledon Championship TennisSega Game GearSegaSims Co., Ltd.Sports1993

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