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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Alien BreedCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareShooter1991
Alien Breed (Special Edition 92)Commodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareShooter1992
Alien Breed 2: AssaultValve SteamTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareAction2010
Alien Breed 2: AssaultMicrosoft Xbox Live ArcadeMicrosoftTeam17 SoftwareAction2010
Alien Breed 3: DescentMicrosoft Xbox Live ArcadeMicrosoftTeam17 SoftwareAction2010
Alien Breed 3: DescentValve SteamTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareAction2010
Alien Breed 3DCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareShooter1995
Alien Breed 3DCommodore Amiga CD32Team17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareShooter1995
Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing GroundsCommodore AmigaOcean Software Ltd.Team17 SoftwareShooter1996
Alien Breed Episode 1Microsoft Xbox Live ArcadeMicrosoftTeam17 SoftwareAction2010
Alien Breed II: The Horror ContinuesCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareShooter1993
Alien Breed Special Edition & QwakCommodore Amiga CD32Team17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareVarious1994
Alien Breed: ImpactValve SteamTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareAction2010
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultCommodore Amiga CD32Team17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareShooter1994
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareShooter1994
Arcade PoolCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareSports1994
Arcade PoolCommodore Amiga CD32Team17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareSports1994
Arcade SnookerCommodore AmigaEMAP ImagesTeam17 SoftwareSports1995
ATR: All Terrain RacingCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareRacing1995
ATR: All Terrain RacingCommodore Amiga CD32Team17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareRacing1995
Body BlowsCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareFighting1993
Body Blows GalacticCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareFighting1993
DLC PackValve SteamTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 Software
Hogs of War / WormsSony PlaystationInfogramesTeam17 SoftwareVarious2002
King PinCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareSports1995
King PinCommodore Amiga CD32Team17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareSports1995
LemmingsSony PSPSony Computer EntertainmentTeam17 SoftwarePuzzle2006
Project-XCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareShooter1992
QwakCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwarePuzzle1993
Stunt GPSega DreamcastEon Digital EntertainmentTeam17 SoftwareRacing2001
Super FrogCommodore AmigaTeam17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareAction1993
Super FrogCommodore Amiga CD32Team17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareAction1994
Ultimate Body BlowsCommodore Amiga CD32Team17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareFighting1994
WormsCommodore Amiga CD32Team17 SoftwareTeam17 SoftwareStrategy1995
WormsNintendo SNESOcean Software Ltd.Team17 SoftwareStrategy1996
WormsSega GenesisOcean Software Ltd.Team17 SoftwareStrategy1996
WormsSega SaturnOcean Software Ltd.Team17 SoftwareStrategy1996
WormsCommodore AmigaOcean Software Ltd.Team17 SoftwareStrategy1995
WormsNintendo Game BoyOcean Software Ltd.Team17 SoftwareStrategy1995
WormsSony PlaystationOcean Software Ltd.Team17 SoftwareStrategy1996

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