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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
AlbatrossMSX 2Telenet JapanTelenet JapanSports1986
AlbatrossMSXTelenet JapanTelenet JapanSports1986
American TruckMSXTelenet JapanTelenet JapanRacing1985
American TruckMSX 2Telenet JapanTelenet JapanRacing1985
Dark KingdomNintendo SNESTelenet JapanTelenet JapanRole-Playing1994
Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami TenseiMSX 2Telenet JapanTelenet JapanRole-Playing1987
Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami TenseiMSXTelenet JapanTelenet JapanRole-Playing1987
ExileSega NomadRenovation ProductsTelenet JapanRole-Playing1991
ExileSega GenesisRenovation ProductsTelenet JapanRole-Playing1991
ExileNEC PC Engine CDRenovation GameTelenet JapanRole-Playing1991
ExileNEC TurboGrafx CDRenovation GameTelenet JapanRole-Playing1991
Final Zone 2NEC TurboGrafx CDNEC CorporationTelenet JapanShooter1990
Final Zone 2NEC PC Engine CDNEC CorporationTelenet JapanShooter1990
GaiaresSega GenesisRenovation ProductsTelenet JapanShooter1990
GaiaresSega NomadRenovation ProductsTelenet JapanShooter1990
GriffinSega Game GearTelenet JapanTelenet JapanShooter1991
Swingerz GolfNintendo GameCubeEidos InteractiveTelenet JapanSports2002
TraysiaSega GenesisRenovation ProductsTelenet JapanRole-Playing1992
TraysiaSega NomadRenovation ProductsTelenet JapanRole-Playing1992
Valis 2MSXTelenet JapanTelenet JapanAction1989
Valis 2MSX 2Telenet JapanTelenet JapanAction1989
Valis 2NEC PC Engine CDTelenet JapanTelenet JapanAction1989
Valis 2NEC TurboGrafx CDTelenet JapanTelenet JapanAction1989
Valis 3NEC TurboGrafx CDLasersoftTelenet JapanAction1990
Valis 3NEC PC Engine CDLasersoftTelenet JapanAction1990
Valis 3Sega GenesisRenovation ProductsTelenet JapanAction1992
Valis 3Sega NomadRenovation ProductsTelenet JapanAction1992
Valis IVNintendo SNESAtlus Co., Ltd.Telenet JapanAction1992
Valis: The Fantasm SoldierNintendo NESTokuma ShotenTelenet JapanAction1987
Valis: The Fantasm SoldierSega GenesisRenovation ProductsTelenet JapanAction1991
Valis: The Fantasm SoldierNEC PC EngineTelenet JapanTelenet JapanAction1987
Valis: The Fantasm SoldierNEC TurboGrafx-16Telenet JapanTelenet JapanAction1987
Valis: The Fantasm SoldierSega NomadRenovation ProductsTelenet JapanAction1991
Valis: The Fantasm SoldierMSX 2Telenet JapanTelenet JapanAction1986
Valis: The Fantasm SoldierMSXTelenet JapanTelenet JapanAction1986

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