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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Automobili LamborghiniNintendo N64Titus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1997
Automobili Lamborghini: Super Speed Race 64Nintendo N64Titus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1997
BattlestormCommodore AmigaTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareShooter1990
Blues BrothersCommodore AmigaTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareAction1991
Blues BrothersNintendo Game BoyTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareAction1994
Blues BrothersAtari STTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareAction1991
Blues BrothersNintendo NESTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareAction1992
Blues BrothersAmstrad CPCTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareAction1991
Blues Brothers: Jukebox AdventureNintendo Game BoyTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareAction1994
Crazy CarsCommodore 64Titus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1988
Crazy CarsAtari STTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1988
Crazy CarsMSX 2Titus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1988
Crazy CarsMSXTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1988
Crazy CarsSinclair ZX SpectrumTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1988
Crazy CarsCommodore AmigaTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1987
Crazy CarsAmstrad CPCTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1988
Crazy Cars 2Amstrad CPCTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1988
Crazy Cars 2Commodore AmigaTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1989
Crazy Cars 2Sinclair ZX SpectrumTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1989
Crazy Cars 2Atari STTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1989
Crazy Cars 2Commodore 64Titus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1989
Crazy Cars 3Atari STTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1992
Crazy Cars 3Commodore AmigaTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1992
Crazy Cars 3Amstrad CPCTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1992
Crazy Cars 3Nintendo Game BoyTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1994
Crazy Cars 3Commodore Amiga CD32Paragon SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1994
Crazy Cars IIINintendo SNESTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1993
Crazy Cars IIICommodore 64Titus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1992
Dark CenturyAtari STTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareStrategy1990
Dark CenturyCommodore AmigaTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareStrategy1990
Dark CenturyAmstrad CPCTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareStrategy1990
Dick TracyAmstrad CPCTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareShooter1990
Dick TracyCommodore AmigaTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareShooter1990
Dick TracySinclair ZX SpectrumProein S.L.Titus SoftwareShooter1990
Dick TracyAtari STTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareShooter1990
Dick TracyCommodore 64Titus SoftwareTitus SoftwareShooter1990
Fire and ForgetAtari STTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1989
Fire and ForgetSinclair ZX SpectrumProein S.L.Titus SoftwareRacing1989
Fire and ForgetCommodore AmigaTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1988
Fire and ForgetAmstrad CPCTitus SoftwareTitus SoftwareRacing1988

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