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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Agent USAApple IIScholasticTom Snyder ProductionsPuzzle1984
Agent USAAtari 8-bitScholasticTom Snyder ProductionsPuzzle1984
Agent USACommodore 64ScholasticTom Snyder ProductionsPuzzle1984
American Challenge: A Sailing SimulationApple IIMindscapeTom Snyder ProductionsSports1986
Gamma Force in Pit of a Thousand ScreamsCommodore 64InfocomTom Snyder Productions1988
In Search of the Most Amazing ThingCommodore 64Spinnaker SoftwareTom Snyder ProductionsAdventure1983
In Search of the Most Amazing ThingAtari 8-bitSpinnaker SoftwareTom Snyder ProductionsAdventure1983
Lane Mastodon vs. the BlubbermenCommodore 64InfocomTom Snyder Productions1988
Snooper TroopsCommodore 64Spinnaker SoftwareTom Snyder ProductionsPuzzle1983
Snooper TroopsAtari 8-bitSpinnaker SoftwareTom Snyder ProductionsPuzzle1982
Snooper TroopsApple IISpinnaker SoftwareTom Snyder ProductionsPuzzle1982
Snooper Troops (Case 2): The Disappearing DolphinApple IISpinnaker SoftwareTom Snyder ProductionsPuzzle1983
Snooper Troops (Case 2): The Disappearing DolphinAtari 8-bitSpinnaker SoftwareTom Snyder ProductionsPuzzle1982
Snooper Troops: Case #2 - The Case of the Disappearing DolphinCommodore 64Spinnaker SoftwareTom Snyder ProductionsPuzzle1983
Sub MissionApple IIMindscapeTom Snyder ProductionsPuzzle1986
Swiss Family RobinsonApple IIWindham ClassicsTom Snyder ProductionsAdventure1984
Swiss Family RobinsonCommodore 64Windham ClassicsTom Snyder ProductionsAdventure1984
The American Challenge: A Sailing SimulationCommodore 64MindscapeTom Snyder ProductionsSports1987
ZorkQuest: Assault on Egreth CastleCommodore 64InfocomTom Snyder Productions1988
ZorkQuest: The Crystal of DoomCommodore 64InfocomTom Snyder Productions1989

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