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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Beyond ShadowgateNEC TurboGrafx CDTurbo TechnologiesICOM SimulationsPuzzle1993
Bonk 3: Bonk's Big AdventureNEC TurboGrafx CDNEC CorporationA.I Co., Ltd.Action1993
Cosmic Fantasy 2NEC TurboGrafx CDTelenet JapanShin-Nihon Laser SoftRole-Playing1991
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of HeroesNEC TurboGrafx CDHudson SoftNihon Corp.Adventure1991
ExileNEC TurboGrafx CDRenovation GameTelenet JapanRole-Playing1991
Final Zone 2NEC TurboGrafx CDNEC CorporationTelenet JapanShooter1990
Forgotten WorldsNEC TurboGrafx CDNEC CorporationCapcom Co., Ltd.Action1992
It Came from the DesertNEC TurboGrafx CDNEC CorporationCinemawareAdventure1992
Last AlertNEC TurboGrafx CDTelenet JapanShin-Nihon Laser SoftAction1989
LoomNEC TurboGrafx CDTurbo TechnologiesLucasArts / LucasFilmAdventure1992
Lords of ThunderNEC TurboGrafx CDNEC CorporationHudson SoftShooter1993
Might and Magic III: Isles of TerraNEC TurboGrafx CDHudson SoftNew World ComputingRole-Playing1993
Prince of PersiaNEC TurboGrafx CDRiverhill SoftwareBrøderbund SoftwarePuzzle1991
Shadow of the BeastNEC TurboGrafx CDPsygnosis LimitedReflections InteractivePuzzle1992
Shape ShifterNEC TurboGrafx CDTurbo TechnologiesICOM SimulationsAdventure1992
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Volume 2NEC TurboGrafx CDVictor Musical Industrie...ICOM SimulationsPuzzle1993
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting DetectiveNEC TurboGrafx CDVictor Musical Industrie...ICOM SimulationsSimulation1991
Sim Earth: The Living PlanetNEC TurboGrafx CDHudson SoftMaxis SoftwareEducational1993
Splash LakeNEC TurboGrafx CDNEC CorporationBits LaboratoryPuzzle1991
Valis 2NEC TurboGrafx CDTelenet JapanTelenet JapanAction1989
Valis 3NEC TurboGrafx CDLasersoftTelenet JapanAction1990
Wonder Boy III - Monster LairNEC TurboGrafx CDNEC CorporationWestone Co., Ltd.Shooter1990
Ys III: Wanderers from YsNEC TurboGrafx CDHudson SoftNihon Corp.Role-Playing1991

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