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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Cannon SpikeSega NaomiPsikyoPsikyoShooter1999
Capcom vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000 ProSega NaomiCapcom Co., Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Fighting2000
Capcom Vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000Sega NaomiCapcom Co., Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Fighting2000
Dead or Alive 2Sega NaomiTecmo, Ltd.Tecmo, Ltd.Fighting1999
Dead or Alive 2: MillenniumSega NaomiTecmo, Ltd.Tecmo, Ltd.Fighting2000
Giant GramSega NaomiSegaSegaFighting1999
Giga Wing 2Sega NaomiCapcom Co., Ltd.TakumiShooter2000
Guilty Gear XXSega NaomiSammy CorporationArc System WorksFighting2000
Guilty Gear XX #ReloadSega NaomiSammy CorporationArc System WorksFighting2003
Heavy Metal GeomatrixSega NaomiCapcom Co., Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Action2001
Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai 3Sega NaomiJaleco Ltd.Jaleco Ltd.Traditional1999
IkarugaSega NaomiSegaTreasure Co., Ltd.Shooter2001
Initial DSega NaomiSegaSegaRacing2001
Mazan: Flash Of The BladeSega NaomiNamco LimitedNamco LimitedFighting2002
Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.ASega NaomiEcole SoftwareFrench-BreadFighting2002
Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation VS ZeonSega NaomiBandaiCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter2001
Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation VS Zeon DXSega NaomiBandaiCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter2001
Power StoneSega NaomiCapcom Co., Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Fighting1999
Power Stone 2Sega NaomiCapcom Co., Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Fighting2000
Project Justice: Rival Schools 2Sega NaomiCapcom Co., Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Fighting2000
Sambo de Amigo Ver. 2000Sega NaomiSegaSegaAction2000
Sega Marine FishingSega NaomiSegaSegaSimulation1999
Senko No RondeSega NaomiSegaG.revShooter2005
SlashoutSega NaomiSegaSegaAction1999
Spawn: In the Demon's HandSega NaomiCapcom Co., Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Action1999
Spikers BattleSega NaomiSegaSegaFighting2001
Sports JamSega NaomiSegaSegaSports2001
Street Fighter Zero 3 UpperSega NaomiCapcom Co., Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Fighting2001
Super Shanghai 2005Sega NaomiStarfish, Inc.Starfish, Inc.Traditional2005
Toy FighterSega NaomiSegaSegaFighting1999
Virtua AthleteSega NaomiSegaSegaSports2000
Virtua Fighter 4Sega NaomiSegaSegaFighting2001
Virtua Golf / Dynamic GolfSega NaomiSegaSegaSports2001
Virtua NBASega NaomiSegaSegaSports2000
Virtua Striker 2 Ver. 2000Sega NaomiSegaSegaSports2000
Virtua Striker 3Sega NaomiSegaSegaSports2001
Virtua TennisSega NaomiSegaSegaSports1999
Virtua Tennis 2Sega NaomiSegaSegaSports1999
World Series BaseballSega NaomiSegaSegaSports2001
Zombie RevengeSega NaomiSegaSegaAction1999

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