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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
1941 - Counter AttackNEC SuperGrafxCapcom Co., Ltd.Capcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1991
1941: Counter AttackNEC PC EngineHudson SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1991
1941: Counter AttackNEC TurboGrafx-16Hudson SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1991
1943 KaiNEC TurboGrafx-16Naxat SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1991
1943 KaiNEC PC EngineNaxat SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1991
3x3 Eyes: Sanjiyan HenjouNEC PC Engine CDNEC CorporationNihon Corp.Adventure1994
3x3 Eyes: Sanjiyan HenjouNEC TurboGrafx CDNEC CorporationNihon Corp.Adventure1994
After Burner IINEC TurboGrafx-16NEC CorporationSegaShooter1990
After Burner IINEC PC EngineNEC CorporationSegaShooter1990
Ai Cho AnikiNEC PC Engine CDNCS CorporationMasayaShooter1995
Ai Cho AnikiNEC TurboGrafx CDNCS CorporationMasayaShooter1995
Air BusterNEC TurboGrafx-16Kaneko Co., Ltd.Kaneko Co., Ltd.Shooter1990
Air BusterNEC PC EngineKaneko Co., Ltd.Kaneko Co., Ltd.Shooter1990
Air ZonkNEC PC EngineHudson SoftRED CompanyShooter1992
Air ZonkNEC TurboGrafx-16Hudson SoftRED CompanyShooter1992
Akumajo Dracula X: Chi no RondoNEC TurboGrafx CDKonamiKonamiAction1993
Akumajo Dracula X: Chi no RondoNEC PC Engine CDKonamiKonamiAction1993
AldynesNEC SuperGrafxHudson SoftHudson SoftShooter1991
Alien CrushNEC PC EngineNaxat SoftNaxat SoftTraditional1988
Alien CrushNEC TurboGrafx-16Naxat SoftNaxat SoftTraditional1988
AlsharkNEC TurboGrafx CDMarvelous InteractivePopcorn SoftRole-Playing1994
AlsharkNEC PC Engine CDMarvelous InteractivePopcorn SoftRole-Playing1994
Altered BeastNEC PC Engine CDNEC CorporationSegaAction1989
Altered BeastNEC TurboGrafx CDNEC CorporationSegaAction1989
Art of Fighting / Ryuuko no KenNEC TurboGrafx CDHudson SoftSNK CorporationFighting1994
Art of Fighting / Ryuuko no KenNEC PC Engine CDHudson SoftSNK CorporationFighting1994
Arubarea no OtomeNEC PC-FXNEC CorporationNEC CorporationStrategy1997
Aurora Quest: Otaku no Seiza in Another WorldNEC TurboGrafx CDPack-In-VideoPack-In-VideoRole-Playing1993
Aurora Quest: Otaku no Seiza in Another WorldNEC PC Engine CDPack-In-VideoPack-In-VideoRole-Playing1993
BabelNEC PC Engine CDTelenet JapanShin-Nihon Laser SoftRole-Playing1992
BabelNEC TurboGrafx CDTelenet JapanShin-Nihon Laser SoftRole-Playing1992
BallistixNEC TurboGrafx-16Coconuts Japan Entertain...Reflections InteractiveAction1991
BallistixNEC PC EngineCoconuts Japan Entertain...Reflections InteractiveAction1991
BarunbaNEC PC EngineNamco LimitedZAP CorporationShooter1989
BarunbaNEC TurboGrafx-16Namco LimitedZAP CorporationShooter1989
Batman: The Video GameNEC TurboGrafx-16SunSoft, Ltd.SunSoft, Ltd.Shooter1990
Batman: The Video GameNEC PC EngineSunSoft, Ltd.SunSoft, Ltd.Shooter1990
Battle AceNEC SuperGrafxHudson SoftHudson SoftShooter1989
Battle Lode RunnerNEC PC EngineHudson SoftHudson SoftPuzzle1993
Battle Lode RunnerNEC TurboGrafx-16Hudson SoftHudson SoftPuzzle1993

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