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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
ADVAN RacingSony PlaystationAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Racing1998
Amazing TaterNintendo Game BoyAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Puzzle1991
Another BibleNintendo Game BoyAtlus Co., Ltd.Dice Co., Ltd.Role-Playing1995
Blaze OnArcadeAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Shooter1992
BlaZeonNintendo SNESAtlus Co., Ltd.A.I Co., Ltd.Shooter1992
BlaZeon: The Bio-Cyborg ChallengeNintendo SNESAtlus Co., Ltd.A.I Co., Ltd.Shooter1992
Bomberman Fantasy RaceSony PlaystationAtlus Co., Ltd.Graphic ResearchRacing1999
Bomberman WorldSony PlaystationAtlus Co., Ltd.Hudson SoftAction1998
Brigandine: The Legend of ForsenaSony PlaystationAtlus Co., Ltd.Hearty RobinRole-Playing1998
Chou Snobow KidsNintendo N64Atlus Co., Ltd.RacdymSports1999
DemiKids: Dark VersionNintendo Game Boy AdvanceAtlus Co., Ltd.Multimedia Intelligence ...Role-Playing2003
DemiKids: Light VersionNintendo Game Boy AdvanceAtlus Co., Ltd.Multimedia Intelligence ...Role-Playing2003
DeSpiriaSega DreamcastAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Role-Playing2001
Devil Summoner: Soul HackersSony PlaystationAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Role-Playing1999
Devil Summoner: Soul HackersSega SaturnAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Role-Playing1998
DonPachiSega SaturnAtlus Co., Ltd.Cave Co., Ltd.Shooter1996
Double DragonNintendo Game Boy AdvanceAtlus Co., Ltd.TechnosFighting2003
Dungeon ExplorerNEC PC EngineAtlus Co., Ltd.Hudson SoftRole-Playing1989
Dungeon ExplorerNEC TurboGrafx-16Atlus Co., Ltd.Hudson SoftRole-Playing1989
Gekka Mugentan ToricoSega SaturnAtlus Co., Ltd.System SacomAdventure1997
Go! Go! HypergrindNintendo GameCubeAtlus Co., Ltd.PoponchiSports
Gogetsuji LegendsArcadeAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Fighting1995
Golf Grand SlamNintendo NESAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Sports1991
Gouketsuji Gaiden - Saikyou DensetsuArcadeAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Fighting1995
Gouketsuji IchizokuArcadeAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Fighting1993
Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2ArcadeAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Fighting1994
Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2: Chottodake Saikyou DensetsuSony PlaystationAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Fighting1995
Groove on FightSega SaturnAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Fighting1997
Groove on Fight - Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3ArcadeAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Fighting1998
Groove on Fight - Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3Sega ST-VAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Fighting1998
Groove on Fight: Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3Sega SaturnAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Fighting1997
Guilty GearSony PlaystationAtlus Co., Ltd.Team Neo BloodFighting1998
Heaven's GateArcadeAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Fighting1996
HellnightSony PlaystationAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Adventure1998
High Velocity: Mountain Racing ChallengeSega SaturnAtlus Co., Ltd.Cave Co., Ltd.Racing1995
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue EarthSony PlaystationAtlus Co., Ltd.MaxFiveRole-Playing2002
Imodoki no Vampire: Bloody BrideSony PlaystationAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Strategy1996
Jack Bros.Nintendo Virtual BoyAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Action1995
Kartia: The Word of FateSony PlaystationAtlus Co., Ltd.Atlus Co., Ltd.Role-Playing1998
King of Fighters EX2: Howling BloodNintendo Game Boy AdvanceAtlus Co., Ltd.Marvelous InteractiveFighting2003

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