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Academy: Tau Ceti 2Amstrad CPCCRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1987
Academy: Tau Ceti 2Atari STCRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1987
Academy: Tau Ceti 2Commodore AmigaCRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1988
Academy: Tau Ceti IICommodore 64CRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1986
Academy: Tau Ceti IISinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1986
Blade RunnerSinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupCRL GroupAction1985
Blade RunnerCommodore 64CRL GroupCRL GroupAction1985
Blade RunnerAmstrad CPCCRL GroupCRL GroupAction1986
BoggitAmstrad CPCCRL GroupDelta 4 InteractivePuzzle1986
Bored of the RingsCommodore 64CRL GroupDelta 4 InteractivePuzzle1986
CyborgCommodore 64CRL GroupCRL GroupPuzzle1987
Death or GloryCommodore 64CRL GroupWise Owl SoftwareAction1987
Death or GloryAmstrad CPCCRL GroupWise Owl SoftwareAction1987
Death or GlorySinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupWise Owl SoftwareAction1987
Doctor What!Sinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupSoftware FoundationAdventure1986
EnduranceAmstrad CPCCRL GroupCRL GroupSports1985
EnduranceSinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupCRL GroupSports1985
Formula 1Amstrad CPCCRL GroupCRL GroupSports1985
Formula OneSinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupCRL GroupSports1983
Glug GlugSinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1984
Glug GlugCommodore 64CRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1984
I-AlienCommodore 64CRL GroupCRL GroupAdventure1987
I-AlienAmstrad CPCCRL GroupCRL GroupAdventure1988
I-AlienSinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupCRL GroupAdventure1988
Jack the RipperSinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupSt. Bride's SchoolPuzzle1987
Jack the RipperAmstrad CPCCRL GroupSt. Bride's SchoolPuzzle1987
Jack the RipperCommodore 64CRL GroupSt. Bride's SchoolPuzzle1987
LancasterCommodore AmigaCRL GroupCRL GroupSimulation1989
LancasterAtari STCRL GroupCRL GroupSimulation1989
Omega RunSinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1984
Purple HeartCommodore 64CRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1988
Rocky Horror ShowAmstrad CPCCRL GroupCRL GroupPuzzle1985
Room TenSinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupCRL GroupAction1986
Room TenCommodore 64CRL GroupCRL GroupAction1986
Room TenAmstrad CPCCRL GroupCRL GroupAction1986
Search for the TitanicCommodore 64CRL GroupCodesmithsPuzzle1989
Tau CetiCommodore 64CRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1986
Tau CetiAmstrad CPCCRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1986
Tau CetiSinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1985
TerrahawksSinclair ZX SpectrumCRL GroupCRL GroupShooter1984

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