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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
221 B Baker St.Apple IIDatasoft, Inc.Pacific SoftechPuzzle1986
221 B Baker St.Atari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Pacific SoftechTraditional1987
221 B Baker St.Atari STDatasoft, Inc.Pacific SoftechPuzzle1986
Alternate Reality: The CityAtari STDatasoft, Inc.Paradise ProgrammingRole-Playing1986
Alternate Reality: The CityAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Paradise ProgrammingRole-Playing1985
Alternate Reality: The CityApple IIDatasoft, Inc.Paradise ProgrammingRole-Playing1986
Alternate Reality: The CityCommodore AmigaDatasoft, Inc.Paradise ProgrammingRole-Playing1988
Alternate Reality: The DungeonApple IIDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Role-Playing1987
Alternate Reality: The DungeonAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Role-Playing1987
Alternate Reality: The DungeonCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Paradise ProgrammingRole-Playing1987
Bruce LeeCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Fighting1984
Bruce LeeAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Fighting1984
Bruce LeeApple IIDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Fighting1984
Clowns & BalloonsAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Action1982
Conan: Hall of VoltaAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.SE SoftwareAction1984
Conan: Hall of VoltaApple IIDatasoft, Inc.SE SoftwareAction1984
Conan: Hall of VoltaCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.SE SoftwareAction1984
Cosmic Relief: Prof. Renegade to the RescueCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Teque Software DevelopmentAdventure1988
Cosmic Relief: Prof. Renegade to the RescueCommodore AmigaDatasoft, Inc.Teque Software DevelopmentAdventure1988
Dallas QuestTandy TRS-80 CoCoDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Adventure1984
Dallas QuestAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Adventure1984
Dallas QuestApple IIDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Adventure1984
Dark LordCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Adventure1987
Force SevenCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Action1987
Global CommanderAtari STDatasoft, Inc.Martech GamesStrategy1988
Global CommanderCommodore AmigaDatasoft, Inc.Martech GamesStrategy1988
Goonies, TheAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Puzzle1985
Goonies, TheApple IIDatasoft, Inc.Datasoft, Inc.Puzzle1985
Hunt for Red OctoberApple IIDatasoft, Inc.Oxford Digital EnterprisesSimulation1988
Hunt for Red OctoberAtari STDatasoft, Inc.Oxford Digital EnterprisesSimulation1987
Hunt for Red OctoberCommodore AmigaDatasoft, Inc.Oxford Digital EnterprisesSimulation1987
LancelotCommodore AmigaDatasoft, Inc.Level 9 ComputingAdventure1988
MercenaryAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Novagen SoftwarePuzzle1986
Mercenary: The Second CityAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Novagen SoftwarePuzzle1986
Moon ShuttleAtari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.NichibutsuShooter1983
Moon ShuttleCommodore 64Datasoft, Inc.NichibutsuShooter1983
Moon ShuttleTandy TRS-80 CoCoDatasoft, Inc.NichibutsuShooter1983
Mr. Do!Apple IIDatasoft, Inc.Universal Co., Ltd.Action1985
Mr. Do!Commodore 64Datasoft, Inc.Universal Co., Ltd.Action1985
Mr. Do!Atari 8-bitDatasoft, Inc.Universal Co., Ltd.Action1984

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