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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
3 PackApple IIEpyx, Inc.Automated SimulationsVarious1980
4x4 Off-Road RacingCommodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
Alien GardenAtari 8-bitEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Strategy1982
Axe of RageAtari STEpyx, Inc.Palace SoftwareFighting1989
Axe of RageCommodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.Palace SoftwareFighting1989
Axe of RageCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Palace SoftwareFighting1988
BallblazerAtari 8-bitEpyx, Inc.LucasArts / LucasFilmSports1985
BallblazerApple IIEpyx, Inc.LucasArts / LucasFilmSports1985
BattleshipCommodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.Elite Systems Ltd.Strategy1988
Boulder Dash Construction KitApple IIEpyx, Inc.First Star SoftwareAction1987
Boulder Dash Construction KitAtari 8-bitEpyx, Inc.First Star SoftwareAction1986
California GamesAtari 2600Epyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
California GamesApple IIEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1987
California GamesCommodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1988
California GamesCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1987
California Games 2Commodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1992
Championship WrestlingApple IIEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1986
Championship WrestlingAtari STEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Sports1986
Crush, Crumble and ChompCommodore VIC-20Epyx, Inc.Automated SimulationsStrategy1982
Crush, Crumble and Chomp!Commodore 64Epyx, Inc.Automated SimulationsStrategy1983
Death SwordCommodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.Palace SoftwareFighting1987
Death SwordAtari STEpyx, Inc.Palace SoftwareFighting1987
Death SwordApple IIEpyx, Inc.Palace SoftwareFighting1988
DestroyerApple IIEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Simulation1986
DestroyerCommodore AmigaEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Simulation1988
DestroyerCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Simulation1986
Devon Aire in the Hidden Diamond CaperCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Softek InternationalPuzzle1988
Dragonriders of PernCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Connelley Group, TheStrategy1983
Dragonriders of PernAtari 8-bitEpyx, Inc.Connelley Group, TheStrategy1983
Dunjonquest: Curse of RaAtari 8-bitEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Role-Playing1982
Dunjonquest: Curse of RaApple IIEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Role-Playing1982
Dunjonquest: Curse of RaCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Role-Playing1983
Dunjonquest: Curse of RaTandy TRS-80Epyx, Inc.Automated SimulationsRole-Playing1982
Dunjonquest: Temple of ApshaiCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Role-Playing1983
Dunjonquest: Temple of ApshaiCommodore VIC-20Epyx, Inc.Automated SimulationsRole-Playing1983
Dunjonquest: The Datestones of RynCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Role-Playing1983
Dunjonquest: Upper Reaches of ApshaiCommodore 64Epyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.Role-Playing1983
Dunjonquest: Upper Reaches of ApshaiTandy TRS-80Epyx, Inc.Automated SimulationsRole-Playing1981
EidolonApple IIEpyx, Inc.LucasArts / LucasFilmPuzzle1986
EidolonAtari 8-bitEpyx, Inc.LucasArts / LucasFilmPuzzle1985

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