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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
1943 KaiNEC PC EngineNaxat SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1991
1943 KaiNEC TurboGrafx-16Naxat SoftCapcom Co., Ltd.Shooter1991
Actua GolfSega SaturnNaxat SoftGremlin GraphicsSports1997
Actua SoccerSega SaturnNaxat SoftGremlin GraphicsSports1996
Alien CrushNEC TurboGrafx-16Naxat SoftNaxat SoftTraditional1988
Alien CrushNEC PC EngineNaxat SoftNaxat SoftTraditional1988
Coryoon: Child of DragoonNEC PC EngineNaxat SoftNaxat SoftShooter1991
Coryoon: Child of DragoonNEC TurboGrafx-16Naxat SoftNaxat SoftShooter1991
Double Dragon II - The RevengeNEC TurboGrafx CDNaxat SoftTechnosFighting1993
Double Dragon II - The RevengeNEC PC Engine CDNaxat SoftTechnosFighting1993
Holy Umbrella: Dondera no MuboNintendo SNESNaxat SoftNaxat SoftAdventure1995
Kyukyoku Tiger II PlusSega SaturnNaxat SoftNaxat SoftShooter1997
Miss MoonlightSega DreamcastNaxat SoftNaxat SoftAdventure2001
Naxat OpenNEC PC EngineNaxat SoftNaxat SoftSports1989
Naxat OpenNEC TurboGrafx-16Naxat SoftNaxat SoftSports1989
ParanoiaArcadeNaxat SoftNaxat SoftShooter1990
Planet JokerSega SaturnNaxat SoftNaxat SoftShooter1997
River City RansomNEC TurboGrafx CDNaxat SoftTechnosFighting1993
River City RansomNEC PC Engine CDNaxat SoftTechnosFighting1993
Seireisenshi SprigganNEC PC Engine CDNaxat SoftCompileShooter1991
Seireisenshi SprigganNEC TurboGrafx CDNaxat SoftCompileShooter1991
Soroban GuBandai WonderSwan ColorNaxat SoftMechanic ArmsPuzzle2000
Spriggan Mark 2NEC TurboGrafx CDNaxat SoftCompileShooter1992
Spriggan Mark 2NEC PC Engine CDNaxat SoftCompileShooter1992
Summer Carnival '92 - ReccaNintendo NESNaxat SoftKID Corp.Shooter1992
Super Dodge BallNEC PC EngineNaxat SoftTechnosSports1990
Super Dodge BallNEC TurboGrafx-16Naxat SoftTechnosSports1990
TitanNEC TurboGrafx-16Naxat SoftTitus SoftwarePuzzle1991
TitanNEC PC EngineNaxat SoftTitus SoftwarePuzzle1991
Top Anglers Super Fishing Big Fight 2Sega SaturnNaxat SoftNaxat SoftSports1997
Wizardry V: Heart of the MaelstromNEC PC Engine CDNaxat SoftSir-tech SoftwareRole-Playing1992
Wizardry V: Heart of the MaelstromNEC TurboGrafx CDNaxat SoftSir-tech SoftwareRole-Playing1992
Zero WingNEC TurboGrafx CDNaxat SoftToaplan Co., Ltd.Shooter1992
Zero WingNEC PC Engine CDNaxat SoftToaplan Co., Ltd.Shooter1992

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