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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
Activision DecathlonMSX 2Pony CanyonActivisionSports1984
Activision DecathlonMSXPony CanyonActivisionSports1984
Attack Animal GakuenNintendo NESPony CanyonNewtopia PlanningShooter1987
BallblazerNintendo NESPony CanyonLucasArts / LucasFilmSports1988
Bard's Tale II: The Destiny KnightNintendo NESPony CanyonInterplay ProductionsRole-Playing1992
Bard's Tale: Tales of the UnknownNintendo NESPony CanyonInterplay ProductionsRole-Playing1991
BoxxleNintendo Game BoyPony CanyonThinking RabbitPuzzle1989
Boxxle IINintendo Game BoyPony CanyonThinking RabbitPuzzle1991
Break Time: The National Pool TourNintendo NESPony CanyonOpera HouseSports1993
Bubble GhostNintendo Game BoyPony CanyonERE InformatiquePuzzle1990
C-SoMSX 2Pony CanyonCompileAction1985
C-SoMSXPony CanyonCompileAction1985
Dr. ChaosNintendo NESPony CanyonPony CanyonAction1988
Dragon StrikeNintendo NESPony CanyonWestwood AssociatesShooter1992
Dragons of FlameNintendo NESPony CanyonU.S. Gold Ltd.Role-Playing1992
EidolonMSX 2Pony CanyonLucasArts / LucasFilmPuzzle1986
EidolonMSXPony CanyonLucasArts / LucasFilmPuzzle1986
Fantasy ZoneMSXPony CanyonSegaShooter1987
Fantasy ZoneMSX 2Pony CanyonSegaShooter1987
Fantasy Zone 2MSX 2Pony CanyonSegaShooter1989
Fantasy Zone 2MSXPony CanyonSegaShooter1989
Final JusticeMSXPony CanyonCompileShooter1985
Final JusticeMSX 2Pony CanyonCompileShooter1985
GulkaveMSX 2Pony CanyonCompileShooter1986
GulkaveMSXPony CanyonCompileShooter1986
Hang-OnMSXPony CanyonSegaRacing1986
Hang-OnMSX 2Pony CanyonSegaRacing1986
Heroes of the LanceMSX 2Pony CanyonU.S. Gold Ltd.Role-Playing1991
Heroes of the LanceMSXPony CanyonU.S. Gold Ltd.Role-Playing1991
HydlideNintendo NESPony CanyonT&E SoftRole-Playing1989
Jungle Wars 2: Kodai Mahou Atimos no NazoNintendo SNESPony CanyonAtelier DoubleRole-Playing1993
Kenpelen ChessMSX 2Pony CanyonAndromeda SoftwareTraditional1988
Kenpelen ChessMSXPony CanyonAndromeda SoftwareTraditional1988
Keystone KapersMSXPony CanyonActivisionAction1984
Keystone KapersMSX 2Pony CanyonActivisionAction1984
Kingdom GrandprixSega SaturnPony CanyonPony CanyonRacing1997
Lunar BallMSX 2Pony CanyonCompileSports1985
Lunar BallMSXPony CanyonCompileSports1985
Lunar PoolNintendo NESPony CanyonBlue PonySports1987
Mag MaxNintendo NESPony CanyonNihon Corp.Shooter1986

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