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Game System Publisher DeveloperCategoryYear
BC's Quest for TiresCommodore 64Software ProjectsSydney Development Corp.Action1984
BC's Quest for TiresSinclair ZX SpectrumSoftware ProjectsSierra On-LineAction1984
Dragon's LairSinclair ZX SpectrumSoftware ProjectsMagicom Multimedia Corp.Action1986
Dragon's LairAmstrad CPCSoftware ProjectsMagicom Multimedia Corp.Action1986
Dragon's Lair II: Escape from Singe's CastleCommodore 64Software ProjectsSullivan Bluth Interacti...Action1987
Galactic GardenerCommodore 64Software ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAction1984
Hunchback at the OlympicsCommodore 64Software ProjectsSeatongrove Ltd.Sports1985
HysteriaCommodore 64Software ProjectsSpecial FX Ltd.Shooter1987
HysteriaSinclair ZX SpectrumSoftware ProjectsSpecial FX Ltd.Shooter1987
Jet Set WillySinclair ZX SpectrumSoftware ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAction1984
Jet Set WillyCommodore 64Software ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAction1984
Jet Set WillyAmstrad CPCSoftware ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAdventure1985
Jet Set WillyAtari STSoftware ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAdventure1998
Jet Set WillyDragon 32-64Software ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAdventure1983
Jet Set WillyMSX 2Software ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAdventure1985
Jet Set WillyMSXSoftware ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAdventure1985
Jet Set Willy 2MSXSoftware ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAdventure1986
Jet Set Willy 2MSX 2Software ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAdventure1986
Jet Set Willy 2Commodore AmigaSoftware ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAdventure1992
Jet Set Willy II: The Final FrontierCommodore 64Software ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAction1985
Jet Set Willy II: The Final FrontierSinclair ZX SpectrumSoftware ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAction1985
Lode RunnerSinclair ZX SpectrumSoftware ProjectsBrøderbund SoftwarePuzzle1984
Manic MinerSinclair ZX SpectrumSoftware ProjectsBug-Byte SoftwareAction1983
Manic MinerDragon 32-64Software ProjectsBug-Byte SoftwareAction1984
Manic MinerMSX 2Software ProjectsBug-Byte SoftwareAction1985
Manic MinerMSXSoftware ProjectsBug-Byte SoftwareAction1985
Star PawsCommodore 64Software ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAction1987
Star PawsSinclair ZX SpectrumSoftware ProjectsSoftware ProjectsAction1988

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